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More Case Studies

  • International Excess Alliance Case Study

    GPI Design

    Partnership with Time Warner Cable Business Class Illuminates GPI Design’s Innovative Art

  • McKinney ISD Case Study


    Delivering Personalized Service: Time Warner Cable Business Class Keeps PrintWorks Connected

  • ITW Welding Case Study

    Buckeye State

    Buckeye State Credit Union Improves Service and Value with Fiber-optic Services

  • International Excess Alliance Case Study

    City of Colleyville

    City of Colleyville Modernizes their Network with Fiber-rich Ethernet

  • International Excess Alliance Case Study

    International Excess Alliance

    International Excess Alliance accelerates performance with Fiber connectivity.

  • McKinney ISD Case Study

    McKinney ISD

    McKinney ISD Leads the Online Learning Experience with Fiber-optics Connectivity

  • ITW Welding Case Study

    ITW Welding

    ITW Welding Connects with TWCBC to Spark Seamless Companywide Collaboration

  • Hilton Palm Springs Case Study

    Hilton Palm Springs

    Hilton Palm Springs Raises the Bar on Hospitality with TWCBC

  • Alphapointe Relies on Time Warner Cable Business Class Fiber to Help Realize Its Vision


    Alphapointe Relies on Time Warner Cable Business Class Fiber to Help Realize Its Vision

  • YETC Gets More Bandwidth and Savings with Ethernet LAN


  • resource-center-case-study-medical-contracting-300x170

    Medical Contracting Services, Inc.

    Lower costs are perfect prescription for Dallas-based medical staffing company.

  • resources-case-studies-miron-300x170

    Miron Construction

    Time Warner Cable Business Class fiber Scores a touchdown for Wisconsin-based Miron Construction

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-four-points-sheraton-stock

    Four Points by Sheraton

    Hotel retains million-dollar client, with bandwidth upgrade to Time Warner Cable Business Class.

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-ny-law-school-stock

    New York Law School

    New York Law School testifies to success of metro Ethernet deployment.  TWCBC delivers high-speed connections for complex campus.

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-first-state-bank-stock

    First State Bank

    Growing Ohio-based financial institution banks on TWCBC for reliable, cost-effective data and voice services.

  • resource-center-case-study-green-dot-refresh-300x165

    Green Dot Public Schools

    Reliable, Fiber-rich network helping Green Dot Public Schools fulfill its mission.

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-marlborough-school-stock

    Marlborough School

    Network upgrade earns high marks from leading independent school.

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-los-alamitos-stock

    Los Alamitos USD

    School district maximizes technology budget with blazing fast, high-bandwidth network from TWCBC.

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-digital-film-tree-stock

    DigitalFilm Tree

    Revolutionizing the entertainment industry, with a broadband boost from Time Warner Cable Business Class.

  • resource-center-case-study-listings-venice-family-clinic-stock

    Venice Family Clinic

    Time Warner Cable Business Class prescribes high-bandwidth solution for healthcare clinic.

  • resource-center-case-study-schooltech-more


    Fiber-rich infrastructure helps North Carolina schools stay connected.

  • resource-center-case-study-union-bank-more

    The Union Bank Company

    The Union Bank Company cashes in on blazing fast Ethernet and Managed Security services.