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Business Class Phone Bringing “Bundles” of Value to Small Businesses



Small business owners and managers are jugglers, responsible for just about everyaspect of the business – marketing, sales, customer service, finance, human resources.You name it, and it’s on their plate.

But in the end, these many duties combine to serve two primary business goals:

  • • Attract and retain customers
  • • Watch the bottom line

Small businesses rely on their communications providers to provide the tools – high-speedbroadband access, reliable telephone service, Web hosting, network security, e-mail,managed file backup and storage – to help them solicit, acquire, service and retaintheir customers.

Top-notch communications providers also aid in achieving that often-elusive secondgoal if their services are cost-effective. As the pace of the Internet era has promptedsuccessful businesses to be even more agile and price conscious, small businesses areseeing the economic and logistical benefits of “bundling” their communications serviceswith one provider.

According to a 2006 Forrester Research report, a survey of small businesses revealedthat more than 75 percent currently buy or plan to buy “bundled” telecommunicationsservices. That survey also found that the primary reasons for doing so were vendoraccountability, pricing benefits and the convenience of dealing with one company.

For years, Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) has helped small businesses focus on and achieve these dual (but often competing) goals, by offering robust, technologically advanced,integrated and reasonably priced solutions.

“If our customers are successful, then we’re successful,” said Ken Fitzpatrick, seniorvice president, Time Warner Cable Business Services. “We’re continually seeking toimprove our services, and expand our product offerings, to meet the demands of adynamic marketplace.”


Realizing the interest in bundles and in convenient, fairly-priced telephony service, TWCBCworked to develop, test and refine a digital telephony offering designed specifically forthe needs of small businesses. A differentiating feature of the TWCBC service – calledBusiness Class Phone – is that it’s carried on the company’s robust and reliable nationwide,hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network.

This HFC network has for years served TWCBC commercial customers by deliveringInternet, cable TV and security services. Adding business telephony service is a naturalextension of the network’s capabilities.

The Business Class Phone service has customized features designed to meet the specificneeds of a small business. For example, Business Class Phone includes a number of vitalbusiness services, including:

  • • Unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
  • • One, flat monthly fee – and one bill
  • • Inbound/outbound call restrictions
  • • Three-way call transfer
  • • Call forwarding
  • • Hunting

Also, businesses switching to Business Class Phone can retain their existing phone numberand directory listing -- at no extra charge. Business Class Phone meets all federally-mandatedrequirements by being E-911 compliant for emergency services.

According to Fitzpatrick, the ability to “bundle” Business Class Phone with other TWCBCofferings is an important quality for small business customers.

“Business Class Phone perfectly complements our existing suite of business services,making us a single option for their communications needs,” Fitzpatrick explained.“Seamlessly bundling telephony with our other communications services is extremelyimportant to our customers, who want – and deserve – the highest quality at a fair price.”


The initial launch of Business Class Phone, which will be available in all 31 Time WarnerCable markets by early 2008, took place in April 2007 in Texas, New York and Wisconsin.

Numerous customers quickly made the switch to Business Class Phone, and saw immediatebenefits. Here’s a sampling of feedback from three Business Class Phone customers:

Fox Cities Eye Clinic

“Seeing is Believing” is the pun-filled slogan for Fox Cities Eye Clinic, which offers state-ofthe-art eye care to residents of Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley. It’s also what office managerMichelle Coates experienced, after a few months of Business Class Phone service.

“I had been looking for a new carrier, because our telephone expenses had grown outof control,” said Coates. “Now, with Business Class Phone, I have a consistent rate andsavings of approximately $150 to $200 every month.”

Besides the cost benefit, Coates is also saving time – and avoiding headaches. “With myprevious provider, I would spend hours validating the bill, and many months would findcharges for things I never used and didn’t order,” she explained. “With Business ClassPhone, my bill has been fair and accurate.”

Coates also spoke highly of the Wisconsin-based team that provisioned and installed BusinessClass Phone at Fox Cities Eye Clinic. “Their crew was very knowledgeable and worked to meetmy specific requirements. The transition to Business Class Phone was seamless.”

Aschenbrener Law LLC

As an attorney, James Aschenbrener is attentive to details – in the law, and in business. So after thorough research, he determined that switching to Business Class Phonewas an open-and-shut case.

In choosing a business communications provider for his Sherwood-based law firm, Aschenbrener wanted specific criteria to be met. “I sought the reliability of a largemarket leader, convenience of a single provider, excellent and local support, and highqualityservices,” he explained. “With TWCBC, I now have all of that at a great price.”

Aschenbrener’s previous experience, with another communications provider, was less than stellar. He received no on-site installation support, a separate phone bill for eachline, and charges for services he didn’t order.

“Now my phone costs are flat, and there are no surprises,” Aschenbrener added. “I ammost impressed with your service people. They make you the best provider I haveever experienced.”

NU-LIFE Awards Trophies & Apparel

To Joe Reines, TWCBC deserves a gold medal for Business Class Phone.

The owner of a six decades-old awards business in Marinette, Wisconsin, Reinesdecided to move his business storefront just a couple of miles away, to Menominee,Michigan. The move required a change in communications providers – much to Reines’delight.

“When I called, Time Warner Cable Business Class was able to provide me with cableand high-speed Internet service almost instantly,” Reines recalled. “They were awareI wanted Business Class Phone, too, and let me know as soon as it was available.”

Reines is pleased with the quality of Business Class Phone, as well as the entireTWCBC bundle. “I truly appreciate the Business Class package. It’s really nice to getjust one bill for all three services, and the package discount makes it even better.”

Further adding to his satisfaction is the TWCBC customer service team. “If there isever a problem, I know I’ll only have to make one phone call to have it taken care of.It’s obvious you know what services means. I feel appreciated as a customer.”

“I’m delighted, but not surprised, to hear that Business Class Phone has been wellreceived,” explained Fitzpatrick. “Our customer service commitment coupled with oursuperior technology and competitive pricing make us a complete communicationssolution for small business.”

Products and services not available in all areas. Some restrictions apply.

Business Class Phone does not include back-up power and should there be a power outage, Business Class Phone,including the ability to access 911 services, may not be available. Additional charges apply for taxes, fees, DirectoryAssistance, Operator Services and calls to International locations. Offer valid for business customers in Business ClassPhone serviceable areas.