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DigitalFilm Tree: Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry, with a Broadband Boost from Time Warner Cable Business Class

From their first offices on the Sunset Strip that once housed Dick Clark, David Geffen and other show business innovators, Ramy Katrib and his team have spent over a decade changing the way Hollywood makes magic.

His DigitalFilm Tree has developed and continues to refine the craft of file- based cinema post production, giving movie and TV creators the freedom to use new technologies and workflow processes to image, edit, review and collaborate no matter where they may be.

No longer do nervous producers have to wait for film or DVDs to be couriered across town or flown across an ocean to begin the post production process; instead, with DigitalFilm Tree’s services and products, post production activities can occur instantaneously – and simultaneously, with colleagues – using file-based workflows and sophisticated desktop tools that do not require expensive and complex systems once found only in professional and complex facilities.

“For the past twelve years we’ve been involved with the democratization of filmmaking,” said Katrib, founder and CEO of DigitalFilm Tree. “We’re the place where technology and art converge, and now anyone can create and edit content from anywhere.”

DigitalFilm Tree – with post and consulting credits including Scrubs, NCIS, Los Angeles and Napoleon Dynamite, Where The Wilds Things Are – is known as a pioneer in creating file-based workflows for production and post processing. As such, its ability to enable users to instantly access, manage and process enormous digital files requires a telecommunications network with sufficient bandwidth to ensure there are no glitches in data transport.

“We had outgrown what our (previous) provider could offer,” noted Katrib, who partners with Apple, Canon, Adobe, and Sony and numerous other industry stalwarts to further develop and refine post systems. “For the applications we’re using, you need a huge bandwidth pipe.”

quotes-open The Time Warner Cable Business Class team of sales consultants, engineers and technicians thoroughly assessed our needs, analyzed our onsite server and storage room, and developed a tailored solution that was both economically feasible and workload sufficient. quotes-close

That need led Katrib and his team on a broadband exploration that took them to Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), a leading telecommunications provider that had recently completed a $120 million development project in Southern California. That upgrade of more than 360,000 miles of fiber-optic cable doubled the number of businesses TWCBC could serve with its high-speed, fiber-optic infrastructure.

And DigitalFilm Tree became an eager new customer. According to Katrib, a TWCBC team of sales consultants, engineers and technicians thoroughly assessed DigitalFilm Tree’s needs, analyzed its onsite server and storage room, and developed a tailored solution that was both economically feasible and workload sufficient.

Soon after, TWCBC installed optical Dedicated Internet Access over a 500 Mbps circuit for DigitalFilm Tree. The service runs over Time Warner Cable’s secure and wholly-owned, fiber-rich network. And importantly, while the current level of bandwidth is adequate to meet Digital Film Tree’s needs, it can be easily scaled to as high as up to 100 Gbps.

“We’re growing fast and most of the files we transport are extremely large,” explained Katrib. “So it was very important that we have the ability to scale the connection when we need it. Other providers couldn’t do that, based on our requirements.”

TWCBC’s Dedicated Internet Access is designed for businesses with more than 20 users and/or using technology – like servers

– requiring high availability and low latency. It delivers a continuously protected link between DigitalFilm Tree’s local area network (LAN) and the Internet, and works seamlessly with the same Ethernet protocol used for LAN connectivity. That means DigitalFilm Tree can leverage its existing technical expertise without burdening IT staff with additional training and equipment.

Katrib added that while he was impressed with Time Warner Cable’s connectivity and technology options, the company’s locally-based support team and willingness to create a customized solution for DigitalFilm Tree were also key attributes.

“We don’t respond well here to a ‘sales job’,” he added. “We enjoy working with companies that want to maintain a collaborative relationship with us, and that’s what we have with Time Warner Cable Business Class.”

And it is one Katrib expects to evolve, just as his business continues on its story arc of success and further growth. Indeed, DigitalFilm Tree is expanding its offerings, even launching Scribbeo (, an iOS app for iPad, iPhone,

iPod that allows individuals and groups to view, comment and collaborate on visual content. It is another offering that depends on the company’s ever-reliable Internet connection.

“We think of ourselves as leaders in media, entertainment and technology, and we like working with companies that are leaders in their space,” Katrib emphasized. “That’s what makes Time Warner Cable so relevant for us.”

For more information about Time Warner Cable Business Class products and solutions, connect with a local Account Executive. Call 1-855-872-7156.