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The Union Bank Company Cashes In on Blazing Fast Ethernet and Managed Security Services from Time Warner Cable Business Class


For decades, the residents of northwest Ohio’s vibrant farming communities have placed their trust in The Union Bank Company. And the bank, through its 11 branch offices, takes immense pride in caring for the financial well-being of its customers and the communities it serves.

A focus on delivering customer value and personalized attention is central to the bank’s mission. Not surprisingly, that dedication to service and support also extends to Union Bank’s information technology (IT) infrastructure.

An essential aspect of that IT network is high-speed Internet connectivity between the bank’s branch locations and the central office in Columbus Grove. For this network, used primarily for intra-office phone communications, data applications and the daily back-up of teller records from the branches, the bank used T-1 broadband lines provided by five separate telecommunications carriers because the rural locations were not all served by the same provider.

According to Union Bank’s IT Manager Brent Nussbaum, the heavy volume of data transmission put a tremendous strain on the bandwidth capacity of the 1.5 Mbps T-1 lines.  As a result, the sound quality of calls made between branches was sometimes degraded and data transfer rates were extremely slow.

Nussbaum was eager for more data speed and improved quality. But while transmission speed was extremely important, the security of the network’s data was first and foremost on his mind. So he had to proceed carefully when contemplating any network changes.

quotes-open The integrity of our data network was one of our most important considerations. We have guidelines mandated (by regulators),” explained Nussbaum. “Our customers depend on us to provide robust security that protects their confidential financial information. quotes-close

The challenge faced by Nussbaum was to secure a faster network connection without compromising security. Doing so would allow the bank to improve and expand its services and also implement 24/7 network monitoring to meet the security needs of the bank – all without exceeding his budget.

quotes-open With our existing broadband solution, we often did not know which of our five providers to call if we had a problem on one of our lines,” added Nussbaum. “And when we did call, they often would pass the buck. So we needed a reliable provider that offered superior customer service. quotes-close

To address these deficiencies, the bank turned to Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) for its high-speed data and managed security services.


After a thorough analysis of Nussbaum’s IT requirements, TWCBC developed a comprehensive recommendation. It would prove to be “money in the bank” for Union Bank.

Utilizing its fiber optic network, TWCBC installed bandwidth-rich, high-speed fiber optic lines between several of the branch locations to support site-to-site connectivity.  At the main office, two 10 Mbps dedicated Internet access hubs were installed,providing vastly improved bandwidth capable of handling all network traffic. This included data transmission from applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, teller program software, new account software, voice over IP (VoIP) and the bank’s critical daily records backups.

In addition to gaining highly reliable broadband connectivity, the Time Warner Cable Business Class solution also provided invaluable redundancy in the event of a line failure.

quotes-open With up to 12 employees per branch, and a network that serves approximately 200 computers and printers, we knew that reliability, capacity and speed were all critical requirements,” said Ted Stine, Vice President of Business Services for Time Warner Cable’s Mid-Ohio division. “Our fiber-optic connectivity was the perfect choice. And because we own every bit of our backbone, we can rapidly identify, analyze and repair any problem that may occur. quotes-close

Following an in-depth review of the bank’s security requirements, TWCBC also implemented a complete managed security solution that provides 24/7/365 monitoring and threat detection services for all Union Bank locations.


Since Time Warner Cable upgraded The Union Bank Company’s broadband connectivity, Nussbaum has been seeing some impressive statistics. In particular, the data transmission speed has doubled, having gone from 1.5 Mbps on the old T-1 lines to a blazing fast 3 Mbps bandwidth on TWCBC’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic network. As a result, the bank’s data congestion problems are a thing of the past.

Most significantly, TWCBC was able to fulfill the bank’s most stringent network security needs through its managed security program, which includes filtering and around-theclock monitoring that Union Bank is required to maintain.  In addition, the solution has resulted in a tremendous reduction in the monthly cost of Union Bank’s broadband service, while also eliminating the need for additional vendors.

"Time Warner Cable has delivered tremendous value for us. With the money saved, we’ve added more services that we needed – without increasing our overall cost,” Nussbaum explained.

In addition, Nussbaum also sees in TWCBC the same devotion to the customer that is at the foundation of Union Bank’s culture. “Time Warner Cable is always right on top of things. If there is ever a network glitch, typically they end up calling me before I am even aware of it, and they resolve the problem immediately.”

quotes-open We pride ourselves on our customer service,” he added, “and I have to say Time Warner Cable has proven they are equally committed to their customers. quotes-close

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