TWC WiFi Hotspot FAQ



TWC WiFi Hotspot FAQs

TWC WiFi Hotspots are the perfect solution for businesses looking for an easy and economical way to provide their customers with free wireless Internet access. Hosting a TWC WiFi Hotspot is completely free for TWC Business Class Internet customers. Access is always free for qualified TWC Internet customers and a daily free period is available for all other customers when set up by the business host.

TWC provides a nationwide network of over 250,000 WiFi Hotspots in indoor and outdoor locations and all Business Class Internet customers have free access to them.

TWC WiFi Hotspots are ideal for businesses with public foot traffic such as restaurants, coffee shops, doctors' offices, car repair shops, hair salons, etc. Home businesses, government facilities and private offices are not a good fit for a TWC WiFi Hotspot. Businesses must be TWC Business Class Internet subscriber to qualify as a host.

Hosting a TWC WiFi Hotspot at your business location provides many benefits including:

  • Offering free WiFi access attracts more customers and differentiates you from your competition

  • Providing a reason for customers to stay longer and potentially spend more money

  • TWC WiFi Hotspots run off a completely separate connection from your TWC Business Internet Service – allowing you to save your business network bandwidth for you and your employees

  • Exposure to millions of potential customers as your business name, contact information and website address will be featured on TWC and partner WiFi coverage maps and TWC's free WiFi Finder app available on Google Play and the App Store.

  • Free advertising when you place your business logo and marketing message on the WiFi Sign In portal

  • TWC provides free marketing materials to let your customers know you offer free WiFi


TWC Provides all Hardware, Installation and Support at no cost to you. You also receive a free marketing kit so you can let customers know you offer free WiFi.

TWC WiFi is an open, public facing network for your customers to use. Business WiFi LAN is a private, secure network intended for employee use and business transactions.

TWC WiFi will not interfere with your business Internet bandwidth. TWC provides a wireless router for your TWC WiFi Hotspot that is separate from the Internet and wireless router used for your Business WiFi LAN.

Access is always free for Business Class Internet Customers and residential customers with Standard Internet or higher. Other customers receive a daily free period when set up by the business host and customers have the option of purchasing more access time.

Log in to the TWC WiFi Hotspot Management Portal at using the username and password you received in your Welcome Email. Select Manage TWC WiFi and check the box next to Enable Free WiFi. You can choose the amount of Free WiFi you would like to offer your customers from the drop down menu. If you do not set up daily free access time, the default is free 30-minutes per month.

If you did not receive a Welcome Email with your credentials, contact our dedicated TWC WiFi Hotspot support hotline at 1-855-344-4693.


The TWC WiFi Hotspot Management Portal is a web site that allows you to customize the experience your customers get from your TWC WiFi Hotspot. It can be accessed at You will need your username and password provided in an email at the time of install in order to log in.

Once you have logged in you will be able to customize the TWC WiFi sign in portal that your customers see when they access TWC WiFi from your business location. You can set up free access time, add a business logo, create a customer message, and select the website you would like customers to go to once they sign in. If you do not set up daily free access time, the default is 30-minutes per month.

If you need assistance, consult the Management Portal Guide found in the guide tab in TWC WiFi Support or contact TWC WiFi Hotspot support hotline at 1-888-344-4693.

Contact our dedicated WiFi Hotspot support hotline at 1-855-344-4693 to request an email containing your username.

For service and support for a TWC WiFi Hotspot in your business, call our dedicated TWC WiFi Hotspot support hotline at 1-855-344-4693.

For questions about personal use of TWC WiFi, contact general TWC WiFi customer support at 1-888-851-9350.

CableWiFi® is a network name that qualified TWC customers can access in order to connect to free WiFi when they are traveling outside of the Time Warner Cable serviceable area.

The CableWiFi network is a collaboration between TWC and other U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs) that enables customers of the partner ISPs to access each other’s WiFi.

Qualified Time Warner Cable Internet customers can connect to this network for free using the same credentials they use to access TWC WiFi.

Any existing Business Class Internet customer gets free access to TWC and partner WiFi hotspots by signing in with your My Account username and password. There are several network name options available:

TWCWiFi- Primary network name, supports guest access

TWCWiFi-Passpoint- Our most secure network option

CableWiFi- When you travel and do not seeTWCWiFi

Boingo Hotspot- At many airports and public locations

To sign in to any TWC WiFi Hotspot, follow these easy steps:

1. Be sure your mobile device has WiFi capabilities and is that WiFi feature is turned on

2. Select one of the network names available for free (TWCWiFi, TWCWiFi-Passpoint, CableWiFi and Boingo Hotspot) from network options

3. Sign In with your My Account credentials

4. Accept Terms of Service and connect

For support on Business Class credentials, go to

If you need to reorder marketing materials, please contact TWC WiFi Hotspot support at 1-855-344-4693.

For questions about installation or service of the TWC WiFi Hotspot, contact your local TWC Business Class Representative or go online to fill out an inquiry form

The TWCWiFi-Passpoint network uses the latest generation data security which is enterprise-grade WPA2™, providing a deeper layer of encryption for maximum security, comparable to your in home WiFi.

Where can I find the TWCWiFi-Passpoint network?

TWCWiFi-Passpoint is currently available on almost all TWC WiFi Hotspot locations where TWC Internet customers live. Please check the TWC WiFi coverage map for details on available networks at each hotspot location ( or look for it on the list of available WiFi networks in your device's connection manager when you're in range of a hotspot.

Almost all recent smartphones, tablets and laptops have software embedded with WPA2 security protection which enables you to connect to secure hotspots such as TWCWiFi-Passpoint. If you are not presented with a prompt to sign-in, you may be using an older device that doesn't support WPA2. Please check your manufacturer's device specifications for support.

For customers who want maximum security on-the-go, TWCWiFi-Passpoint provides an encrypted connection comparable to that used by cellular networks.

Regardless of network, users should always seek SSL secure websites (https://....) when conducting data sensitive transactions, just as they would for any Internet use.

No, at this time the additional layer of encryption is not yet available on CableWiFi.

Fist select the Boingo Hotspot network name on your device. Open you browser and on the Boingo WiFi sign in page, select Time Warner Cable from the dropdown list of Internet service providers and click log in. On the next screen enter your My Account username and password and log in.

Boingo Hotspots can be found in major airports and popular locations including malls and restaurants.

Look for the Boingo Hotspot network name on your device, or check which network names (SSIDs) are available on our partner hotspots in our WiFi coverage map or WiFi Finder app.

If you are already a Boingo customer you can continue to access Boingo Hotspots as normal, but you now also have the option of accessing Boingo Hotspots using your TWC ID instead. Simply select Time Warner Cable from the dropdown list of providers and sign in with your TWC credentials.

No, Boingo Hotspots provide TWC customers with an additional partner WiFi network to use when TWC WiFi or Cable WiFi Hotspots are not available. Boingo Hotspots can be found in major airports and popular locations including malls and restaurants.