Extend Your Network into the Metro Outside of the Carrier Hotels

Our transport solutions provide you the ability to reach end-users with high-capacity requirements. E-Transport can be utilized to extend your reach into different metro markets served by Time Warner Cable. The W-Transport solution provides an optical point-to-point circuit across Time Warner Cable’s G.709 optical channel network. It can be utilized as a primary wave circuit for an on-ramp metro or regional access to a national or global Internet backbone, or as a point-to-point optical transport solution as a diverse circuit to existing ILEC or CLEC circuit.


Product Details

  • E-Transport – Point to Point Ethernet Private Line (EPL) from TWC POP to POP using Operator Virtual Connection (OVC)

  • W-Transport – Optical Point to Point G.709 optical channel service utilizing dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM)

  • Each point to point wave provisioned with a dedicated path based on customer requirements, either protected or unprotected

  • Up to 10 Gbps and nx10 Gbps available in limited TWC metro and regional markets


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