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A Dependable Technology Leader for Government Organizations

Facing growing budget constraints, federal, state and local government organizations are increasingly turning to advanced technologies to efficiently and cost-effectively accomplish mission objectives. Time Warner Cable Business Class is a leading provider of advanced networking, technology and communication services to the government sector, providing a robust suite of solutions that meet strict standards for reliability, security and operational continuity.

Benefits for Government Organizations

Ensure Maximum Uptime and Continuity

Time Warner Cable Business Class delivers advanced communications and networking solutions over our fiber-rich IP network and employs a self-healing fiber-ring topology that provides superior network availability and resiliency. We reliably support your disaster-recovery preparedness and continuity of operations (COOP) initiatives with expert support, 24/7/365 monitoring from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers, and stringent industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Seamlessly Connect People and Resources

Implement a reliable network platform to enable agency employees, citizens, leadership, bureaus, regions and field offices to seamlessly and securely access and share data, applications and resources. With 350,000 route miles of hybrid fiber coaxial network, Time Warner Cable Business Class can quickly deploy fiber to most buildings in our expansive footprint, enabling us to get you online quicker than most of our competitors could.

Maximize Reliability and Continuity

Our high-capacity, fiber-rich IP network provides the true path diversity and redundancy from other service providers (ILECs/CLECs).

Work Efficiently from Multiple Locations

Our broadband and fiber solutions help ensure that government agencies like yours have the information and resources needed to better serve the community. In addition, our advanced teleworking solutions extend productivity beyond the office, giving remote workers powerful mobility tools, further supporting continuity of operations (COOP) efforts.

Upgrade Legacy Technologies to Cut Costs

By migrating to Time Warner Cable Business Class, you can overcome IT challenges due to outdated technology and benefit dramatically from a converged network that is more scalable and up to 71 percent* less expensive than T1/TDM, Frame Relay and ATM services.

Simplify Operations

As your technology and communications service provider, we consolidate your bills into one, easy-to-manage statement to decrease administrative time. And our dedicated service and support professionals are focused on serving your organization and committed to helping you satisfy your mission objectives. This is precisely why we were recently named #1 in Customer Loyalty by Frost & Sullivan.