Business Class Television is an effective technology solution that can create a more positive experience as customers wait. People are drawn in by what's on a screen, whether it's a computer or a TV. In fact, people even watch TV and comment on social media at the same time. And now is a good time to think about adding Business Class TV because you can get it for as low as $19.99 more per month.

Along with an HD picture and the many programming choices available, you also get more than 50 commercial-free music options that can help you create the perfect ambiance, in any environment. This easy-to-afford upgrade is a simple way to help improve customer satisfaction at your business.

As a Business Class customer, you get FREE Installation. You also get:
EXCLUSIVE local TWC news channels
Choose a channel lineup for your industry

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Time Warner Cable Business Class Phone is the smart, reliable, and clear voice solution combining unlimited local and nationwide calling with advanced calling features. It gives you all the advantages of an enterprise-grade phone service while keeping your existing equipment and phone numbers.

Business Class Phone Includes:
Unlimited Local and Nationwide Calling Plans – flexible, flat-rate plans for local, in-state and nationwide calling
Voice Manager – this easy-to-use portal lets you manage your calling features online
25+ Enterprise-Grade Calling Features, including:
Hunt Groups
Account Codes
Call Forwarding
Custom Caller ID
Three-Way Calling
Business Class Phone Upgrades
Global Calling Plan – optional plan that lets you call internationally at affordable rates
Mobility Package – optional package that lets you stay connected to customers and associates from virtually any device or location. With four advanced features:
Simultaneous Ring – Have multiple phones — including cell phones — ring when the BCP phone line rings
Sequential Ring – Rings multiple numbers in sequence until the call is picked up or the call goes to voicemail
Personal Attendant – Manage incoming calls with call routing, customized greetings and directories, and more
Office Anywhere – Make calls virtually from your office phone number

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90% of businesses say phone is their most important method for communicating with customers and partners. Source: InformationWeek. To find out how advanced phone features can help your business, click here to download our white paper.

Expertly engineered for performance. You need fast, reliable Internet service to use business-critical technologies like cloud-based applications, file sharing, and e-commerce. Use our speed guide to determine the speed that is right for your business. All speeds are delivered over our fiber-rich network that provides a 99.9% reliable connection.



Offer WiFi at Your Business

Offer your customers wireless Internet access—an amenity they expect.

Worry-free, equipment, setup, signage and support are included
Attract new patrons increase customer satisfaction and return business, and differentiate yourself from the competition
Protect your data and save the bandwidth for your employees – Your WiFi Hotspot runs on a separate connection from your TWCBC Business Internet

Customize your Internet

Add optional services such as email, WiFi LAN for your office, Online Backup, Static IP and more.

Most importantly, our Business Internet services is backed up by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customers today expect to get online from everywhere on their mobile devices. By turning your business into a WiFi Hotspot, you can offer wireless Internet access to:

Attract new patrons and differentiate yourself from the competition
Increase customer satisfaction, return business, and the time and money patrons spend with your establishment
Have a worry-free experience: we’ll take care of everything, providing the equipment, installation, marketing materials and dedicated support – free of charge
Protect your data and save the bandwidth for your employees – your WiFi Hotspot is a completely separate connection from your TWCBC Internet Service.