10 Insights on: Building a Spirited Team

Smart hiring, team-building, and empowerment are common themes.

August 2015  


1. “My success in hiring employees starts with the three A’s: attitude, attendance and ability.” – Karen Simmons, Paw Beach Pet Resort”

2. “Every time we hire an employee, we hope the experience with us is a stepping stone, and that in 20 years, they will be the CEO of some other great company, because of what they learned at Beekman 1802.” – Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

3. “Happy clients power our team’s creativity. Having a team that really enjoys coming in each day and fueling their own creativity through client projects is more than a dream come true.” – Fabi Preslar, SPARK Publications

4. “All of our staff really care about the pets, and that’s where their motivation comes from. It’s important that all of the pets here get awesome care.” – Karen Simmons, Paw Beach Pet Resort

5. “We have found that silliness fuels our creativity. We work hard, but as long as we can stop and take a fun break, then we all stay fueled and inspired.” – Fabi Preslar, SPARK Publications

6. “Empower employees to make decisions. When employees know the goal is to make customers happy, they will work to achieve that.” – Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

7. “You’ve got to have traditions to create culture within your business. Every Friday, we go out to eat together — or during the summer, we give the team half-day Fridays to start the weekend off. It’s a way to celebrate our team.” – Christina Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine

8. “We let our staff know that they are in charge and totally engaged with the project. So they communicate directly with the client to make sure that they understand what the client’s requests are.” – Fabi Preslar, SPARK Publications

9. “As the owner, it's important to maintain a positive attitude in front of your staff. You will encounter obstacles, but don't let these things make you pessimistic or discouraged. Carry on, and your staff will, too."– Karen Simmons, Paw Beach Pet Resort

10. “We have the most amazing employees. We make sure that they’re reading everything on Facebook and Twitter to see how we interact with customers. We want them to understand what our customers and our neighbors are feeling.” – Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802