10 Insights On: Compelling Moments

Our customers share what fuels their passion for their business.

February 2015  


1. “It’s about accomplishing something in design that has not yet been created.” - Tom Lawrence, GPI Design

2. “Client satisfaction is a great feeling. It gives me that go-ahead to get up in the morning at 4:30, to grow the business, and to continue working.” - Steve Hasenfeld, HMH Iron Design

3. “A can-do spirit is everything. You show that can-do spirit to your clients. You can do their job. You can help an entrepreneur open his business or her business. You can do it and we make certain that it gets done.” - Joanna Puritz, PrintWorks

4. “I want to succeed. My source of inspiration is wanting to be successful. I’m happy. I love my job; I don’t want to sit around. I want to keep moving.” - Brian Ballard, Pedego Greater Long Beach

5. “To grow, don't act like a ‘mom and pop’ shop. Act like a corporation. Have a process, be efficient, and have a budget.” - Christina Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine®

6. “I’m looking forward to the challenge of keeping this a family business.” - Stan Efird, Rocky River Springs Fish House

7. “We’re not out to conquer the world. We’re a boutique firm, and we take great pride in our work. Everything that we do here as a team is accomplished as a team.” - Tom Lawrence, GPI Design

8. “I love the satisfaction of knowing that for our own team, we’re making dreams come true. We’re doing things that they want to do and helping to make that happen.” - Christina Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine®

9. “Just because you haven’t found your passion yet in your 30s or 40s, just hang in there and you’ll find it.” - Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

10. “My goal for this business is, very simply: One million smiles.” - Beth Black, Pedego Greater Long Beach