10 Insights On: Connecting with Customers

“Social media is not a monologue,” and other relevant thoughts

August 2015  


1. “Social media is a conversation between you and the customer.” – Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

2. “Know your audience. For instance, I am marketing to a local fan base, so I don't need 20,000 fans. I need to be reaching people in my geographic area.” – Karen Simmons, Paw Beach Pet Resort

3. “The biggest mistake small-business owners make with their brand page is that they think of it as a brand page. We treat our brand page as our personal page.” – Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Beekman 1802

4. “Before you even start a social media program, figure out what you want to accomplish with it. Being clear on that lets you post much more intentionally.” – Fabi Preslar, SPARK Publications

5. “Ask questions. I never really understood Instagram, so I started talking to my little sister and it finally just clicked: if I use very specific targeted hashtags, I could actually target my message to the audience I’m looking to get in front of.” – Tomas Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine

6. “Respond, respond, respond. Especially if you’re just starting out and you’re trying to build your fan base, respond to every person who comments and every person who puts anything on your page.” – Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Beekman 1802

7. “We put photos on Facebook and hope that those get shared, liked and seen among friends. Word of mouth has been a great driver for our business.” – Karen Simmons, Paw Beach Pet Resort

8. “The most important thing in social media is to be honest and authentic.” – Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

9. “For a successful social media presence, you need to share something that connects with your clients – and then be sure to brand the content you share so when it gets re-shared, people know who it came from.” – Karen Simmons, Paw Beach Pet Resort

10. “A lot of our business comes from being part of the community. We use social media so the public sees what we're doing.” – Christina Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine