10 Insights On: Delighting Customers

Our customers share how they foster an exceptional business environment.

February 2015  


1. “It’s not about a transaction or about selling. It’s about giving people an experience.” - Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Beekman 1802

2. “We want to make sure our customers feel like family and that they know they’re appreciated when they walk through our doors.” - Stan Efird, Rocky River Springs Fish House

3. “Even small, little things like a handwritten note or one-on-one contact, like calling a customer or thanking someone, is important.” - Christina Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine®

4. “What’s most rewarding is seeing a customer come in with a smile on their face. They feel like a kid again.” - Brian Ballard, Pedego Greater Long Beach

5. “We always answer every customer service issue within 24 hours.” - Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

6. “We live for moments when our customers tell us they’ve had a positive experience.” - Beth Black, Pedego Greater Long Beach

7. “We treat people well. We take care of them. Our patients are like our family.” - Dr. Suzanne Davis, ABC Pediatrics

8. “A lot of folks that come here we actually know by name. We welcome them back on a regular basis and we can do that because of the type of people we employ here.” - Stan Efird, Rocky River Springs Fish House

9. “We are a very personalized business. People really appreciate talking to a real person, getting real answers and acquiring that understanding." - Joanna Puritz, PrintWorks

10. “Customer service is huge. We want them to be proud of us and know that we work hard for them and that we’re driven for their results.” - Christina Martinez, Luxury Home Magazine®