10 Insights on: Finding and Keeping Customers

The way to a customer’s heart? Showing how much you value their loyalty.

December 2015  

1. “Remember that everyone is a potential customer. No matter what industry you are in, you’re in a service industry.” — Beekman 1802

2. “Begin with the end in mind. Think about what you want your company to look like 10 years from now. What type of customers do you want? How many customers do you need to achieve your financial goals?” — Luxury Home Magazine®

3. “Look for customers who have a passion for your type of product or service. Also, seek people who might need the benefits your product or service provides.” — Pedego Greater Long Beach

4. “We really try and identify and reach customers who are going to be a good match for us.” — Paw Beach Pet Resort

5. “Building our customer base one individual at a time gave our business the biggest impact. Our days are intentional, from personal introductions to handwritten notes and social events in and around our area.” — Luxury Home Magazine®

6. “Listen to your customers. Sometimes it can be hard to take criticism, but if a customer is taking the time to provide feedback—even if it’s to report a bad outcome—use that as a learning opportunity.” — Beekman 1802

7. “Sometimes the phone rings while we’re helping guests in the store. We always return missed calls, even when they don’t leave a message!” — Pedego Greater Long Beach

8. “We follow a 70/30 rule in marketing our business: 70% of the marketing is to attract the new customer, and 30% of our efforts is making sure our current customers know we value them.” — Luxury Home Magazine®

9. “Collaborate with similar businesses that aren’t necessarily competitors, but could help through word-of-mouth referrals.” — Paw Beach Pet Resort

10. “Make social media the mirror that reflects all the cool things going on at your business. Show that real people are there, ready to make real contact with potential customers to answer questions and explain materials.” — Pedego Greater Long Beach