10 Insights On: Making Holidays Merry

Our customers share thoughts on making spirits cheery and the future bright.

December 2015

1. “We do a staff celebration and gift exchange to recognize and show our appreciation for our employees and their hard work.” — Paw Beach Pet Resort

2. “Our community has an annual holiday parade. We host a party at the store for our Pedego pals, and riders get their bikes decorated for the parade.” — Pedego Greater Long Beach

3. “Our entire team works around the clock, and we live broadcast on our YouTube channel all the last-minute mayhem from our mercantile. Neighbors drop by and customers call in to share holiday memories and recipes.” — Beekman 1802

4. “We close the office and offer the entire Christmas week as a paid holiday. This gives everyone the opportunity to have some relaxing time, visit with family, or just shop!” — Luxury Home Magazine® in San Antonio

5. “Since we care for pets 365 days a year, scheduling can be a challenge during the holidays, which is our busiest time. We really work with our employees so everybody gets a little bit of time off.” — Paw Beach Pet Resort

6. “Showing gratitude to our customers with gifts during the holidays is in our yearly budget. Many of our associates volunteer during the holiday season, gathering gifts to donate or supporting local organizations.” — Luxury Home Magazine® in San Antonio

7. “To know that there’s a little bit of Beekman happiness under so many Christmas trees really is rewarding, and we are proud to be able to deliver those memories.” — Beekman 1802

8. “Each December we gather our team for strategic planning. We reflect on the year, our successes and areas of growth for next year. We recognize accomplishments and celebrate achievements.” — Luxury Home Magazine® in San Antonio

9. “With New Year's resolutions to get more exercise and have more fun, more people come into the store in January. It’s good to recognize that we provide a path to life improvement.” — Pedego Greater Long Beach

10. “January is our month for resting and reflecting. It’s during this snowy period at the farm that all the ideas that come to light throughout the year are planted.” — Beekman 1802