9 Insights On: Messing Up and Moving On

Business mistakes? Our customers have been there. Here are their ideas for bouncing back.

December 2015 

1. “It’s a mistake to think you won’t make a mistake. Mistakes often create opportunity for efficiencies or better processes to happen.” — Luxury Home Magazine®

2. “You have to own up to your mistakes. Whether it’s your mistake and you need to own up to an employee and say, ‘I was wrong,’ or to a client and say, ‘I’m sorry, we were wrong,’ you have to accept responsibility.” — Paw Beach Pet Resort

3. “The most valuable mistake I’ve made was thinking I could change things by bringing in people whom I thought I could change. Instead, my company grew and transformed when I hired creative people who could make things happen on their own.” — SPARK Publications

4. “When we make mistakes, we learn to delegate. We bring people in to help: professional bookkeepers, tax people. We’re not going to try to do it ourselves—that would be a big mistake.” — Pedego Greater Long Beach

5. “Both mistakes and successes are learning opportunities. The most important thing you can do is reflect and understand the decisions that led to each outcome.” — Beekman 1802

6. “Lean in, 100 percent. Acknowledge there was a mistake, respond quickly, resolve fairly, and grow from the experience.” — Luxury Home Magazine®

7. “When a mistake happens, it’s important to break it down: How did it happen? What can you learn from it so that you can prevent the mistake in the future?” — Paw Beach Pet Resort

8. “Even if you have done the same thing for years, situations change and mistakes can be made.” — Pedego Greater Long Beach

9. “If you don’t implement the lessons you’ve learned during the holiday season right away, you’ll have forgotten by the time next holiday season rolls around.” — Beekman 1802