Banking on Network Performance

The Fiber-Optic Ethernet Edge

May 2014

Catskill Hudson Bank operates 12 branches throughout New York’s Hudson River Valley. By leveraging leading-edge network infrastructure from Time Warner Cable Business Class, the bank offers its customers the best of both worlds: community-focused banking services with full-featured online and mobile applications.

“Infrastructure and technology is more important than ever,” said Glenn B. Sutherland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Catskill Hudson Bank. “The ability to process our transactions, to provide access to data—we need that on a timely, consistent basis.”

Catskill Hudson Bank’s service offerings include 24-hour digital ATMs, web-based online banking, mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, plus remote deposit for business and personal accounts. To support these mission-critical services, the bank tapped Time Warner Cable Business Class to create a reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective fiber-optic network. The solution includes dedicated Internet access and multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet WAN connectivity linking the bank’s branches, headquarters and operations center.

“What they are providing to our bank is the backbone of our ability to service customers,” said Kevin S. McLaren, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Catskill Hudson Bank.

“The idea was to develop a state-of-the-art network that would be unique to the industry,” explained Theodore Tomita, Catskill Hudson Bank’s IT Manager. Network performance is essential, Tomita noted, because “95 percent of everything we have here is an Internet or cloud-based solution.”

The bank has been impressed with “the cost-effectiveness, the value of what Time Warner Cable Business Class brings to the table,” Tomita said. “I don’t consider them a vendor. Time Warner Cable Business Class is definitely a partner of ours.”


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