Is Your WiFi Secure?

May 2015

According to a recent survey conducted by Time Warner Cable Business Class, many of our business customers are concerned with the security of their WiFi networks. One of their top concerns is the inconvenience of having to provide their patrons with the login credentials to their internal WiFi LAN network. Twenty-two percent of survey respondents said they allow their customers access to their WiFi LAN.

More and more, patrons are demanding that businesses offer WiFi access, but obviously, giving strangers access to your internal WiFi LAN network poses a cyber security risk for your business.

Many of our customers are unaware that a separate and free TWC WiFi Hotspot is available at no cost with TWCBC’s Business Internet service. You can offer this public WiFi hotspot to your patrons, so they never touch your internal business network.

57% of TWCBC customers say the main motivator for offering WiFi at their business is because patrons expect it.

A TWC WiFi Hotspot allows your business to offer fast, reliable wireless Internet access to your customers. It is completely separate from your office Internet connection, so your business data is isolated, and your bandwidth is reserved exclusively for your business activities. The best part is: the Hotspot is free with your Business Internet service. We provide the equipment, installation, service and ongoing support free of charge. You can also customize your Hotspot sign in settings to include daily free access time, your business logo, a link to your website and more.

WiFi LAN allows you to provide secure wireless Internet access to your employees. The service allows multiple WiFi-enabled devices to access the Internet simultaneously without the need for cables. It uses the latest wireless networking standard (802.11n) and is backward compatible with previous protocols. It uses 256-bit WPA2 encryption to ensure the highest level of protection for transmissions between the devices and the wireless router. Single SSID enables devices to roam freely throughout your business location without dropping the wireless connection.

What our customers are saying about our WiFi solutions:

So, whether you want wireless Internet access for your employees, or for your customers, Time Warner Cable Business Class has you covered.

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