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Throwback Marketing Techniques That Work in the Digital Age

Nearly every day there are new digital marketing tools to learn and adopt. But the basic tenets of good marketing still apply.

June 2015

It seems that just when you think you’ve mastered social media, a new platform pops up. The rules of search engine optimization (SEO) change regularly. Video and animated ads have replaced static designs, and marketing content has to be both entertaining and educational without a hard sell.

While all this change and evolution can be challenging to keep up with, you can rest easy that the three fundamental rules you use in traditional marketing will also be effective in digital marketing, with a few differences. Let’s take a look.

Rule 1: Get to know your audience as people.

Traditional networking involves attending an industry, professional, or community event to get your name out there, or meeting someone for coffee as a way to see if that person qualifies as a target. You would never engage with the people you meet as if you were on a sales call. Instead, you would approach the event or meeting as a chance to make meaningful connections and build relationships. Approach social media the same way—like a networking event, not a selling session—and you’re off to a good start.

Rule 2: Nurture your leads.

In traditional marketing, once you have good leads, you carefully move them along the buyer journey by providing the right information. You can do the same in digital marketing—but at a faster pace. For example, in digital marketing, you can be much more agile in changing the type of content you are offering because you get immediate customer feedback and data to adjust your plans when needed.

Rule 3: Measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

When you are looking at the performance of your digital and social media marketing, determine effectiveness by the same standards as you would for traditional marketing: look at cost per lead, quality of lead (ability to convert to a sale), and your return on marketing investment.

So, take advantage of all the new and exciting selling opportunities digital marketing affords. But, to make the most of your marketing efforts, don’t forget the basics of good marketing.



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