3 Inexpensive Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

How a point-of-sale system can help you do much more for your customers than complete their transactions.

January 2016

While your holiday promotions may have wound down, building a strong foundation for customer loyalty should never go out of season. By leveraging the tools available in your point-of-sale (POS) system, you can make your loyal (and soon-to-be-loyal) customers feel like valued patrons.

Here are three customer appreciation ideas you can accomplish with your POS.

1. Track—and use—customer purchase information.

Your POS system tracks your inventory and monitors purchases that each customer makes, giving you the ability to offer highly personalized incentives.

If your POS system is linked with your CRM, you can search and track customers’ purchasing histories by looking up their email addresses. If you are not using a CRM system, many POS systems enable you to collect and organize customers’ email addresses directly on the platform. Creating a customer contact database can be useful for establishing an email newsletter list, as well as help you improve the on-site customer experience.

As a best practice, employees should ask customers if they would like their receipts printed or emailed. This is a simple way to build your customer contact database. If you don’t already have the customer’s email address and he or she opts for a printed receipt, make sure you and your employees are prepared to explain the benefits of providing an email address, such as a rewards and discount program.

When customers come in, reference their most frequent purchases and ask them if they’d like to buy those items or services at a discount. For example: If a loyal customer regularly purchases the same bottle of wine, offer her a discount on a bottle of her favorite. Even if it wasn’t on her shopping list, she might jump at the offer. And if she doesn’t, she’ll definitely still appreciate the gesture.

When you use a mobile POS system with a tablet, you don’t have to wait until the customer is ready to make a purchase to offer a deal. You and your employees can serve as concierge for every customer who walks through your doors. Have an associate on the floor available to greet customers and pull up their profiles. The associate can then offer a custom deal or help the customer make a purchasing decision based on previous transactions.

2. Reward your Customer of the Day.

If you don’t already have a discount or customer rewards program, consider starting one with this simple strategy.

By tracking sales in your POS system, you can identify—and reward with a discount—the customer who is your 10th or 50th transaction of the day. Your POS system automatically tracks how many sales you’ve had per day, so when you reach that magic transaction number, apply a pre-defined discount and make a customer’s day. Even if it’s as simple as 10% off of a cup of coffee, it’s the thought that counts.

3. Send follow-up discounts and promotions via email.

Most likely, your customers’ inboxes were flooded with promotions and newsletters during the holidays, but with things settling down after the New Year, you’re provided the opportunity to express appreciation for customers without being lost in a sea of spam.

If you’ve integrated your POS system with an email marketing solution and have been diligently collecting email addresses at the point of sale or through social media, sending out a customer appreciation email will be quick and painless.

The options for the perks you can offer in this email are practically endless. As a starting point, you may consider inviting your customers to a weekend flash sale or provide them with a coupon for their next purchase. To track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign post-sale, cross-reference those who opened your email with the emails associated with the sales you made on that day.

Making these ideas work

To make your customer appreciation programs truly effective, your efforts have to be custom and consistent. What matters most is that you convey to your customers that you appreciate their business and know that their patronage is what keeps your doors open.



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