Attention: Small Business Owners!  Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

May 2015

In our current environment, cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common, for businesses of all sizes.  We’ve all heard about the recent Sony and Anthem cyber-attacks, both instances were costly and damaging to the businesses on many levels; however both organizations are still in business.  As a small business or even as a nonprofit organization,  have you ever stopped to wonder what you would do if something similar happened to you?  Have you ever wondered how many attacks take place on smaller organizations?

At Time Warner Cable, we recently gathered a group of Los Angeles based nonprofit partners to delve into a series of scenarios, which helped raise awareness of this very real and potentially crippling threat. In partnership with the FBI, the City of Los Angeles, American Express and Symantec, we held a day long workshop for nonprofits (who for all intents and purposes are a small business)  during which we asked these very questions and did some disaster preparedness planning.

During our research and discussions, we learned that 71% of cyber threats happen to organizations with less than 100 employees. Of those impacted, 60% will close within six months of the cyber threat. And importantly, 80% of those cyber threats could have been mitigated with appropriate preventative steps.*

Attendees during the day were very appreciative of the opportunity to engage in business continuity planning and walked away with the ability to make their organization more resilient in the face of such an attack.

Are you prepared to handle such a threat on your small business?  Have you thought through the implications and made a plan for your organization to become more resilient? As an Internet Service Provider, Time Warner Cable is committed to helping your organization become better prepared for such threats.  We encourage you to connect with our Business Class team to explore ways Time Warner Cable can assist your organization in building capacity and resiliency.




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*Data provided by Federal Bureau of Investigation