Decoded: Cloud Computing

Why This Ethereal-Sounding Technology Concept Is a Must-Know for Business Owners

July 2014

It seems the term “cloud” is being thrown around everywhere these days. The fact is we have all been using cloud technology for years. If you have ever had a Gmail or Yahoo email account, you’ve used a cloud platform.

High-Tech Term Simplified

In its simplest definition, cloud computing means storing and accessing documents and other data over the Internet rather than using a computer hard drive or a local server. Commonly used cloud programs include Google Docs, Basecamp, and FreshBooks.

How It Helps Small Business

Cloud programs can provide cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain a server for your business.

If you access any of your business’s programs using your smartphone or tablet, you’ve put cloud technology to work. Checking email, updating spreadsheets from your mobile device, and sending invoices online all utilize cloud computing.

The ability to do business on-the-go has become essential to today’s business owners and their employees, and cloud computing makes that possible.




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