Decoded: Tagging

How to properly use social media tags for business

April 2015

Tagging is a way of including another person, business or organization in a social media post. Think of tags as digital bookmarks that flag your posts for other users.

Tags and hashtags have the same purpose—to make your posts findable on social media sites already loaded with content and to draw people’s attention to whatever it is you want them to see.

How to Use Tags

When you tag a post or a photo with a name on Facebook, or a handle on Twitter, that post will show up on that person’s or business’s feed. Tagging makes your post visible to the network of the person you tagged, increasing the reach of your message.

Tags are also commonly used in blogs. Authors attach keywords to identify images or text within their sites as a way for users to find their blogs in an online search of related content.

How Not to Use Tags

Do not tag others in posts promoting your business’s products and services. While you can encourage people to like, share, and retweet information about your company, customers—and even employees—will not appreciate having their social media platform used as a billboard.



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