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Cloud Forecast for 2016

December 2015

While most businesses are utilizing cloud technology in some capacity, cloud computing is changing rapidly. By staying on top of these shifts, you can make sure your business leverages the trends to its advantage.  

Here are five key cloud trends likely to take place in 2016.  

1. Fast Growth Means More Competition

The most prominent trend you can expect in cloud computing is continued, rapid growth. The market for cloud-based business applications is expected to grow to $32.8 billion in 2016—up from $13.5 billion in 2011. Goldman Sachs predicts that business spending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms will grow at a rate of 30% through 2018. That number is particularly remarkable when you consider the same report found enterprise IT in general will experience only 5% growth over the same period. And, according to IDC FutureScape, next year will see an 11% shift of IT budget toward various types of cloud computing—and away from traditional in-house IT delivery. This will cause a snowball effect, leading to more companies shifting more of their operations onto the cloud.

With so much increased competition, new products and offerings entering the market at a steady clip, and prices that are expected to come down, you will want to be sure to take advantage. You can’t assume the storage option or Software as a Service you started in the past three years remains the best option.

2. The IoT Gets Bigger

While the term may seem high-tech, in practice, the Internet of Things (IoT) simply means that more and more objects, such as point-of-sale scanners or remote-controlled workplace thermostats, will be connected to the Internet.

The IoT, which embeds physical objects with “smart” capabilities, creates an enormous amount of data. For example, on a busy day, a large retail store collects about 10 gigabytes of data per hour and a manufacturing facility generates about one terabyte of data in the same period. As more objects move onto the IoT, this volume is expected to increase exponentially and businesses will need to ensure they have enough bandwidth to leverage all of their smart devices. Before implementing more smart tools into your business, you may want to call your Time Warner Cable Business Class representative to find out how much bandwidth your business has compared to how much it may need.

3. Content Management and Web Hosting

Office suites and digital content creation are among the fastest-growing cloud segments. Content communication and collaboration are the largest current segments—at 31% and 26% of the SaaS market. These segments are seeing fast growth in part because the technology has evolved so quickly in recent years that prices have gone down, while storage space, speed and capabilities have grown.

Apps Run The World expects to see cloud content programs from vendors like Adobe and Intel become increasingly popular for businesses, allowing you to use high-caliber programs for designing marketing material or online content, without having to spend thousands of dollars for software licenses.

4. Addressing Business Continuity Concerns

More and more businesses are turning to cloud technology as a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure business continuity. By backing up data, applications, and operating systems to the cloud, critical business functions can be accessed from any location at any time. It also can offer faster uploads and downloads, which means faster recovery times.  

Time Warner Cable’s online backup can provide automatic local and remote backup of all your critical data. In addition to files on computers, businesses can also backup server applications, such as Microsoft® Exchange servers.

5. Increased Flexibility for eCommerce and Analytics

Other categories expected to see big growth in the coming years are eCommerce, enterprise resource planning, and analytics. All three of these are areas that business owners may have shied away from using in the past, due to the commitment required for developing an eCommerce or analytical infrastructure. The ability to access them in the cloud allows you to experiment with a program, with the freedom of paying for it from one month to the next.


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