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Is Your Business Up To Speed?

Why your company’s bandwidth needs may be changing.

March 2015


Businesses do so much online these days — social media, blogging, email, project management, collaboration, file sharing, accounting, digital marketing, customer service, video conferencing — that the routine demands on a company’s bandwidth are growing.

Essentially, bandwidth is the capacity for pulling information from the Internet or the Cloud to your connected devices. Images, video and multiple users on the same Internet connection may require more information to be pulled at the same time, and that can cause slow load times, hurting productivity.

What Could Be Clogging Your Connection?

Video is perhaps the biggest culprit as it requires a great deal of bandwidth. However, static images contain a lot of data as well. As websites and social media become increasingly visual, having a high-speed Internet connection will become critical to preserving your productivity as well as keeping your tech frustration levels in check.

The number of people in your business who access the Internet at one time can also slow down the connection. While the proliferation of cloud computing has been a game changer in terms of accessibility and mobility, it can also mean more people accessing the Internet for longer periods of time while working on cloud platforms.

Do You Have the Right Internet Service?

If you are questioning your company’s level of Internet service, you should start with three considerations: reliability, scalability and technical support. The first question you need to ask is: How reliable is your Internet service? Download and upload speeds won’t make much of a difference if you have spotty connectivity or your entire service goes down.

Scalability is key. As your business changes and grows, your Internet service should quickly scale up or down to ensure you always have, and only pay for, the bandwidth you need.

Technical support is equally critical to Internet service. Because accessing the Internet is essential to so many business functions, you should have 24/7 access to business-grade service and technical support professionals who understand the specific needs of small businesses.





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