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Less Paper, More Efficiency

How Using Technology To Reduce The Use Of Paper In Your Business Saves More Than Just The Planet

By: Maureen Link
November 2014

Reducing the use of paper has been touted as an eco-friendly, plant-loving practice for years. According to The Daily Green, paper accounts for 25 percent of landfill waste. In fact, if businesses in the United States cut paper use by 10 percent, it would prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gases. And that is just the impact of the paper. Consider the environmental impact of the production and disposal of ink cartridges and the energy used by printers.

While saving the planet is important, saving money is important, too. Moving toward a paperless workplace reduces the costs and time associated with printing, mailing, shipping, and storing paper.

While going completely paperless may be an unrealistic goal, going “paper light” has a lot of advantages. Thanks to cloud technology, reducing paper use and cutting costs is rapidly becoming a common business practice. But going paperless, or just using less paper, also creates more efficiency in your business by allowing you to remotely access files that were once housed in your place of business.

When you leverage cloud technologies for document storage or invoice management, you will not only work to reduce paper use, but you can conduct business from virtually anywhere you find an Internet connection.

Keeping digitized documents also can give you better control over which employees, or even vendors, have access to specific documents and platforms. For example, using cloud collaboration tools helps you quickly assess project status and reduce confusion over which document is the latest version. All of these management tasks can be logistically taxing if you are tracking printed documents.

Mitigate the Risks

But, there are a few downsides to going paper light that should be mitigated. Security breaches (viruses, hackers, and so on) and system failures caused by a disaster or server crash could devastate a paper-light operation. If you decide the benefits outweigh the risks for your business, there are many ways you can protect your essential business data.

Before getting rid of that big, metal file cabinet, put in place an online data backup service. With Time Warner Cable Business Class Online Backup, a business's files and other data are regularly backed up in the cloud, ensuring a safe haven should a disaster occur. Customers customize their backup by controlling when backups are done and what level of priority the backup should have. Getting started and managing your backup through Time Warner Cable Business Class is easy because no additional equipment is required.

While customers and vendors may still send paper documents and prefer to receive them, implementing internal paperless polices can help save a lot of time, money, and trees.


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