Technology Can Tame Your To-Do List

Why Wait Until Tomorrow When You Are Connected Today?


July 2014 | By Maureen Link


Business doesn’t stop because you are waiting to catch a flight or you go to your child’s baseball game. Why does connectivity have to stop when you walk out of your place of business? With today’s connectivity, location shouldn’t matter anymore. Cloud software, mobile apps, and WiFi technology mean your business is virtually wherever you are, giving you the freedom to work on your terms and maintain control of your company and your life.

Instead of using your mobile device to create to-do lists and calendar reminders, really leverage your device to get things done. We all have been in the situation where we aren’t connected and we have an idea or remember an issue that needs to be addressed. So, it goes on the to-do list, and that to-do list keeps growing.

If you can use WiFi to connect to your business from anywhere, you can minimize your to-do list by actually taking care of your to-do item in that moment. For example, you don’t need to leave the baseball field to run back to the office to send an invoice when you can do it from your mobile device while sitting on the bleachers.

Evaluate the software platforms you use in all areas of your business from accounting to marketing to find out if a mobile solution exists and what features are available. Chances are, no matter what programs you are using, there is an app for that.

Controlling your to-do list allows you to help improve your productivity and run your business on your terms.


Improve Employee Engagement

From emergency dental work to train delays, employees face unavoidable productivity blockers every day. Giving your valued employees the flexibility they need while helping them maintain productivity will help them to strike a balance between professional and personal needs. Encourage your employees to stay connected in the same way you do. When they are away from the office, employees can use WiFi to access email, documents, and other business-critical platforms.


Maximize Your WiFi Service

All of this flexibility and convenience won’t do much to help you run your business better if you are racking up data charges. That is why your WiFi network is so important. Having a WiFi hotspot in your place of business can be a perk for your customers, but it’s also a benefit for you while you are at other locations. Leverage speed advantages of WiFi while avoiding cellular data charges. Time Warner Cable Business Class customers can visit the WiFi Coverage Map to check the locations of the free hotspots nationwide.

Maureen Link is the Group Vice President Small Business at Time Warner Cable Business Class.




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