Kick-Start Your Move to a Network-Centric Business with Managed Network Services

January 2015

Three out of four midsize businesses describe themselves as network dependent. While network-based business solutions can enhance productivity, market velocity and customer relationships, concerns about operating complexity, reliability and security challenge IT professionals at midsized companies.

Successfully staffing IT for the most competent midsize business human resource department has increasingly become a hair-raising challenge. To be successful and proficient in today’s network-centric business environment, IT staff has to adopt new management and technical skills as well as training and technology certification in various disciplines.

Acquiring new network technology skills, increasing staff, and rethinking the day-to-day network operations roles and processes of a network-centric business model can be daunting but it can be done -- Companies are increasingly turning to managed network service solutions. This approach offers an all-in-one, easy solution for setting up, monitoring and operating network data, Internet and security services.

Download the Article “Kick-Start Your Move to a Network-Centric Business with Managed Network Services” by Michael Kennedy from ACG Research to free time, money and staff to concentrate on changing, growing and managing your business.

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