Key to Success: Make Every Customer
Feel Like Somebody Special

At La Pulperia, diners can count on generous helpings of hospitality. 

August 2016

Amid the bustle of New York City, one restaurant aims to evoke the friendly, familiar feeling of a small town shop, where connecting with customers is a priority. It’s an approach that’s resulted in much success for La Pulperia—literally, “the general store”—and its co-owners, Victor Medina and Carlos Barroz.

“You come into La Pulperia, and you talk with people, you have fun, you eat, you dance, you make friends,” says Medina, who runs the front of the house. 

For La Pulperia, with two locations in New York, connecting with people starts before they even become customers. Like many restaurants, La Pulperia uses social media—powered by high-speed Internet—to showcase signature dishes, cocktails and special events. And, those posts on social media often entice people to visit.

“It’s amazing how people come in because of a picture that we’re displaying on social media,” Medina says. “One case is a woman in Miami who saw one of our pictures on Instagram, found us and decided to visit.”

Soon after a reservation is made, La Pulperia staff calls customers on the phone to give them a taste of the restaurant’s warm culture.

“It’s very important for us to call and talk to guests who are coming to dine with us,” Medina says. “I ask them, ‘How are you doing? It’s going to be great to see you today.’ I always like to engage with them, and restaurants don’t do that anymore.”

When guests arrive, La Pulperia really shines, leaving a mark with its flavorful Latin-fusion cuisine and unforgettable service.

“We focus on providing one of the best customer experiences possible in the restaurant business, meaning that it’s not only about the food and it’s not only about the drinks,” Medina says. “It’s about the service.”

After the visit, La Pulperia’s owners look to continue the customer relationship through review sites, such as Yelp. “We ask our customers for feedback, from positive to negative reviews,” says Barroz, the restaurant’s chef. “When it’s a positive comment, we thank them and we invite them to come in again. For a negative review, we learn from our mistakes.”

The emphasis on creating connections and building relationships with customers isn’t just good for business at La Pulperia, it’s personally rewarding for the restaurant’s owners.

“What I love about my job is connecting every day with a new friend,” Medina says. “I don’t call them customers—I call them friends.”

Watch our video to learn more about the success story of La Pulperia and its owners, Medina and Barroz, including how the restaurant relies on high-speed Internet to improve customer service. 

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