Learning From Their Inexperience

YFS Magazine

July 2014

While the adage goes, “If I knew then what I know now,” it’s no longer applicable in today’s rapidly changing business world. The increasing speed, reach, and affordability of technology have business owners in a near-constant state of learning and adopting in order to thrive.

While wisdom and experience are keys to success, no matter how long you’ve been running your business, there is a lot you can learn from some new kids on the block.

The under-30 entrepreneur community is populated with digital natives, many of whom have innate connections with technology and discover ways to use that technology to simplify the way they do business. What’s more, these young business owners offer fresh perspectives and are happy to share them.

YFS Magazine
is a digital publication with content for and by young business owners. The YFS stands for Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed, and recent articles include a how-to on hosting virtual meetings with remote employees and creating social media fame for small business owners.




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