Time Warner Cable Business Class Fiber Connectivity Helps Level 2 Review Company Take on Big Challenges

April 2012

Level 2 Review Company CEO Joey Seeber was awarded a big client – that came with a big challenge.

Tyler, Texas-based Level 2 Review performs legal reviews of documents during pre-trial exchanges of information. A big new client meant the firm had to open a new office in Richardson, Texas in only one week. A key critical component to his success was securing a fiber-optic connection to transmit secure data between his client and analysts. Calls to providers in the area revealed that it would take, on average, 30 days to get fiber connectivity, posing a significant challenge to his ability to provide service to his client.

Seeber then contacted Time Warner Cable Business Class. His local representative understood the critical nature of connectivity to his business and worked with the Time Warner Cable Business Class connectivity team to meet the requirements of Level 2 Review. When the new office opened their doors, they did it with fiber connectivity from Time Warner Cable Business Class.

Is your internet connectivity critical to your business success? Invest in the speed and security of a fiber connection from Time Warner Cable Business Class. For more information, contact your local account executive.