Small Business Success Built on a Foundation of Inspiration

Passion for work and customers is a guiding principle.

April 2015

For Luxury Home Magazine® in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, inspiration is a two-way street. Owners Tomas and Christina Martinez aim to inspire customers through their magazines and with their enthusiasm and passion. In building relationships with members of the community, they are inspired to be even more successful.

“We are passionate about this business. We want to be great and do great things,” Christina Martinez says.

Though at its core Luxury Home Magazine focuses on real estate, its owners believe in doing more to support their customers. “This might mean printing invitations, even though we’re not an invitation company, or helping clients design a flier, so that they look good for their seller,” Christina Martinez says. “We believe in going above and beyond, so our customers feel like we’re here to support their business and not just take their money.”

If we don’t inspire our team and our customers, we aren’t doing our job.
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The enthusiasm to go “above and beyond” extends to the communities the magazines serve. “We do a lot of special events and make one-on-one connections,” Christina Martinez says. “A lot of our business comes from us being part of the community. Being present and supporting those industry affiliations have gained us more exposure in business.”

The owners of Luxury Home Magazine extend their enthusiasm for the business and connections with customers by providing a level of personal service clients might not expect, but will appreciate. “Write a thank you card, remember your clients’ birthdays, pick up the phone when you hear that somebody has passed away, or when you know they had a special achievement,” Christina Martinez says.

Ultimately, Luxury Home Magazine leads by example. “If we don’t inspire our team and our customers, we aren’t doing our job,” Christina Martinez says. “I think it’s important for us to always display our enthusiasm for our customers, vendors and our business.”