Managing Your Mobile Workforce

June 2013

Just as the Internet has changed the way we do business, the soaring use of mobile devices is adding new layers of complexities for small business owners. Thanks to laptops, smartphones and tablets, mobile technology adoption is nearing 100% in small businesses. But how can you make sure your mobile employees stay as efficient and productive as possible?

Here are five ways to help enable mobile employee productivity:

1. Enable Anytime, Anywhere Information Access

Cloud-based applications can keep you and your remote employees connected. For example, Microsoft Hosted Exchange allows your employees to access and share emails, contacts, calendars and documents. And SharePoint enables employees to securely save, store, manage, edit and access files from anywhere, even from different devices.

2. Encourage Collaboration

Do not let working remotely become an excuse for poor communication. With the vast number of electronic collaboration tools at our disposal, it does not matter where employees are located; they can easily work on projects together from separate locations. Use tools like texting, video/audio messaging, and Skype to stay in touch throughout the day. Have one-on-one chats or facilitate group conference calls with video. Weekly or daily staff meetings are another way to keep the creativity, knowledge sharing, and collaboration going between remote employees.

3. Reward a Job Well Done

Without day-to-day, face-to-face contact, it is more important than ever to make the employees who work remotely feel valued (1). Give credit where credit is due. If your expectations are always met or surpassed, keep mobile workers feeling valued by rewarding them for their accomplishments via acknowledgement on a team call, a gift card, or honoring the highest-performing individuals with a trophy or plaque.

4. Create a Sense of Belonging

Mobile workers often feel isolated, so creating a sense of belonging is important and leads to increased productivity (2). Give employees an opportunity to engage with others in their field via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, the company Facebook page, or with the communication tools like Skype. Occasional face-to-face meetings may also be necessary to develop personal relationships and a sense of community.

5. Provide Connectivity Tools for Teleworkers

Ensuring productivity for work-at-home employees starts with providing the necessary tools such as business-grade Internet and voice connectivity. Time Warner Cable Business Class provides a reliable, cost-effective and secure solution that includes a variety of Internet access speeds of up to 50 Mbps and on-line backup storage of up to 1.5 Terabytes, as well as:

  • Business Class Phone bundles
  • Dedicated, 24x7 account support
  • An online administrative portal
  • Flexible billing options, so either your business or employee can cover the cost of the Teleworker package



If you are in the midst of enabling your employees to work remotely, you are not alone. In recent surveys, small businesses shared their views on the benefits and issues of enabling employee mobility. Their thoughts are summarized below:


  • Information access. More than 83% of small business owners believe that mobile technology is having a positive effect on their business. More than three-quarters (78%) say their employees use mobile technology to access information related to work (3).

  • Increased productivity. 94% of small business mobile device users agree that their use of mobile devices for work-related tasks has made them more efficient (4).

Employee flexibility. More than 90% of smaller companies report that mobile technologies have provided their employees more flexible environments by empowering them to work in the field, at home, or any other location (5).


  • Cost. For small businesses, reducing wireless costs is a top priority. Controlling costs such as monthly plan rates, overages, hardware and software, and IT support requires time and resources. Ultimately, this affects how small businesses make decisions about which mobile services, devices and solutions to adopt.

  • Cloud expansion. Many small businesses are enabling mobility and increasing productivity by giving employees access to cloud applications, yet worry about giving up control.

  • Securing devices. With employee-owned mobile devices, you can lose the ability to enforce security policies, and may have to rely on your employees to secure their own devices. However, there are many affordable Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions with a wide range of capabilities, features and options that allow small business owners to manage employees' mobile technology and data usage, as well as enforce security policies.



Information and technology are constantly changing. So, staying on top of security, bandwidth and the latest software updates is both time consuming and complicated. And keeping mobile employees connected and productive can be challenging.

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) Cloud Services* help small business employees access and seamlessly share emails, contacts, calendars and documents, as well as synchronize information in real time, on virtually any PC, Blackberry**, Android, iPhone or tablet using Microsoft® Hosted Exchange 2010, SharePoint® 2010 and Outlook®. And, you, the business owner, do not have to invest in the latest software and hardware or IT resources to manage all of these activities.

Let TWCBC Cloud Services streamline your communications by moving your on-premise email, file sharing and backup services to the cloud. With free on-boarding and 24x7 support, we make transitioning to the cloud fast and easy. Watch this video and discover all the ways your small business can benefit from TWCBC Cloud Services.

Also, TWCBC Teleworker solutions offer remote access services and security applications designed specifically for employees working from home. Enjoy reliability and cost savings, while allowing your teleworkers to leverage our technology for continued productivity. Choose the level of service that is right for your business.

Contact your local Time Warner Cable Business Class representative for a free consultation today.

*Time Warner Cable Business Class Cloud Services are only available to customers with at least one Internet service from Time Warner Cable Business Class. A commitment of at least three (3) mailboxes (premium, standard, or any combination of these two) is required.

**Blackberry support available at an additional charge.


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