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Preparing for the Year in Technology

Is Your Business Ready For 2015?

By Maureen Link
December 2014

Experts say that cloud and mobile technology will continue to disrupt small business in 2015. To keep up, businesses must have adequate, robust Internet bandwidth; WiFi connectivity; and advanced phone services.

As 2014 comes to a close, consider making a New Year’s resolution for your business: evaluate your technology service needs. Does your business have the power it needs to keep up with the latest mobile and cloud tech trends? The following will help you decide.

Increasing Demands on Bandwidth

With so much business software and data moving to the cloud, bandwidth is becoming an increasingly important component to reliable Internet service. The more people using your Internet service at one time, the more bandwidth your business will require.

In addition to relying on cloud programs, experts predict that websites and applications across the board will leverage more high-definition video and images, which require greater bandwidth.

If your current Internet service plan does not provide enough bandwidth, the result is crashes and frustratingly slow load times. Over time, insufficient bandwidth can cause real productivity problems.

WiFi Needs Outside Your Place of Business

If you are implementing cloud-based software and data storage, you and your employees will be able to do more work remotely. Mobile devices, coupled with these cloud technologies, help you—and your employees—be more productive, providing access to important business platforms and keeping you in constant communication.

You may already have WiFi service for your customers, vendors, partners, and employees who expect to be able to use their mobile devices to connect to the Internet wherever they go. But does your service also offer mobile hot-spot service in the places where you and your employees need to connect? 

Phone Technology That Supports a Mobile Workforce

In order for you and your employees to have seamless connectivity while out in the field or working remotely, Internet service is not enough. You and your employees have to be able to make and receive calls seamlessly, as well. For example, having the ability to make calls from mobile phones that show your business number on caller ID helps avoid having calls ignored because your mobile number is unfamiliar. Customized rings, auto attendants, simultaneous ringing, and call forwarding are all useful phone tools.

Getting Started With Your Resolution

Before assuming what your business needs, call your service provider’s account manager to discuss your potential technology needs. There may be free features that come with the Internet or phone service your business already has that simply have to be activated.






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