Faster Internet + Advanced Phone = A Winning Strategy

Technology helps the MOJO Sportsgear team fulfill customer orders efficiently.

August 2016

When it comes to delivering high-quality, well-designed uniforms and sporting apparel, MOJO Sportsgear in Columbus, Ohio, depends on technology to hit every order out of the park.

For this small business, high-speed Internet and advanced phone service are critical to running the company efficiently and keeping customers satisfied.

“Technology is extremely important at MOJO Sportsgear,” co-owner Mark Witte says. “It gives us the ability to send large artwork files to our customers for approval and to keep up with production, so we can get the merchandise to them in a timely manner.”

It starts with a customer. “We get tons of requests for outlandish and crazy ideas,” Witte says. The MOJO Sportsgear team works to interpret all the requests and turn them into creative uniform designs.

From there, the business and the customer communicate—with the help of high-speed Internet—to ensure that the design meets everyone’s expectations.

“We have a platform that lets the customer look at the design and let us know if they approve, or whether we have to make some adjustments,” Witte says. “Designs are flowing back and forth between us and the customer all day long.”

High-speed Internet also helps the business market itself to the public and prospective customers. “We use high-speed Internet to upload photographs of products directly to the website and to social media,” Witte says.

Sharing product photos has paid off: “Pictures of our designs help with brand awareness,” co-owner Tracy Seitzer says. “When we have a sale, we’ve seen immediate results from our ads on social media.”

Technology also helps the MOJO Sportsgear team operate more efficiently across the business.

“We have a very large facility here,” Seitzer says. “We can use WiFi anywhere, whether it’s up front in the offices or back in the warehouse.”

WiFi also allows the team to multitask—often a necessity for small business owners. “WiFi access allows me to track orders, check emails—and still be in the trenches with my people,” co-owner Jeff Farina says.

And, even though online communications play a big role, MOJO Sportsgear wouldn’t be able to keep customers happy without advanced phone service.

“Our phone service is extremely important because, sometimes, our customers just want to talk to a real person,” Witte says.

MOJO Sportsgear was formed by combining two companies, and when they joined forces, phone was so important that the owners wanted to keep both businesses’ phone numbers.

“When we merged the companies, one of the companies had been in business for 34 years,” Seitzer says. “So it was important to maintain those telephone numbers and bring them with us to the new MOJO Sportsgear facilities. Time Warner Cable Business Class helped us port the numbers over, and no one else was able to accommodate that—and that was a very good thing.”

Watch our video to learn more about how MOJO Sportsgear uses technology to achieve small business success.


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