Own Your Online Presence

Claim Your Digital identity To Better Connect With Your Customers

October 2012

Of all the digital touch points your company has to interact with potential and existing customers, your website is easily the most recognizable and powerful tool for communicating with them.


Choosing the right domain name for your business will ensure that your customers and prospects can easily find you. An ideal domain name(1) includes the name of your business and is relevant to online information seekers. For example a New York, N.Y., local flower shop would include “flowers” in its domain name.

You can even choose to drive multiple domains to your website. For businesses whose name is commonly misspelled, this is a great way to ensure customers always get to your site.

After securing your domain name, think about how you can enhance your website to add value for existing and potential customers. Research shows that e-commerce represents 30% of transactions today(2); by adding a platform that allows your customers to purchase your goods or services online, you can gain an edge by making your business more accessible to the growing number of digital-savvy customers. There are other services for a variety of industries that are easy to implement and maintain within your current website.

  • Retail: E-commerce retail sales topped $200 billion in 2011, according to research firm Forrester(3). Implementing shopping platforms like 1ShoppingCart, BigCommerce, and Zen Cart provides convenience for your customers and gives you access to the booming online retail marketplace.

  • Healthcare: Online scheduling systems like Full Slate and Appointment-Plus give customers convenient access to schedule appointments and receive automated reminders to help you manage your time more efficiently so you can provide the best care for your patients.

  • Restaurants: Online reservation systems like OpenTable and uReserve not only make getting a table quicker and easier for your customers, they expose your restaurant to millions of potential customers who are already using these services.

Owning your identity online is not limited to your website. You can start to expand your reach into social media:

Get Established

  • YouTube and Vimeo are great places to showcase product demonstrations and how-to videos.

  • Instagram and Flickr can be used to visually showcase your products or services, as well as other human elements of your business - including your employees and customer service.

  • SlideShare and Scribd are best for finding news and trends relevant to your specific industry as well as for sharing intellectual property, such as white papers, how-to presentations and case studies.


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