When (Four-legged) Customers Become Family

At Paw Beach Pet Resort, pampered pets mean business success.

August 2015

Paw Beach Pet Resort in Wilmington, N.C., takes “creature comforts” to another level. That’s because pet sitting is only part of the equation for success at this unique dog and cat inn. The other part? Providing a cozy atmosphere for pets that gives their owners peace of mind while they’re away.

“We’ve always had this dream of a hotel for dogs, a vacation for your pet,” owner Karen Simmons says. “You don’t have to worry when you’re away having a good time, because your pet is here having a good time, too.”

Part of the worry-free experience that Paw Beach provides is the ability for owners to take a peek at their pets. “We have webcams that let people check in on their pets and see how they’re enjoying their day,” Simmons says.

And for visiting dogs, one thing that all but guarantees a good time is a dip in the Paw Beach pool. “One of our biggest investments was the swimming pool,” Simmons says. “It wasn’t necessarily something we needed for a successful daycare or overnight lodging facility, but it’s enhanced our business by giving us a different outlet for the dogs.”

Another thing that’s enhanced business is the way the animals and owners get treated when they visit Paw Beach: They’re more than just customers. “I love the relationships we’re able to create with our clients,” Simmons says. “We become a part of their pet family.”

What’s more family-like than celebrating birthdays? If pets happen to be staying at Paw Beach on their birthday, “we give them a special birthday hat and toy, and snap a photo,” Simmons says. The picture then gets shared on social media so the pets’ owners can enjoy the moment as well.

And just like in a lot of families, posting photos on social media has become a good way to keep in touch.

“We connect not only with our customers, but their friends and families,” Simmons says. “Our customers are sharing pictures of their pets with their loved ones across the country.”