First Come the Customers, Then Comes the Fun

Pedego Electric Bikes Greater Long Beach finds success in peddling both rides and memories.

April 2015

Pedego Electric Bikes Greater Long Beach in California offers more than just electric bikes to its customers — it offers memorable experiences and a sense of community. This “beyond the bike” mentality is a big driver of small-business success, owners Beth Black and Brian Ballard say.

It all starts with customers, and what makes them happy. “We’re constantly thinking about things from the perspective of the customer, because we were customers once,” Black says. “It’s not just about competing with other dealers; it’s about listening and then providing what the customers need.”

Part of this is making sure Pedego Electric Bikes Greater Long Beach offers as much information as possible to potential customers. “I recommend for any small business to create a living document called, ‘Why Buy From Us?’” Black says. “Especially when you have to differentiate your store from your sister stores, since we all offer a lot of the same things. Creating a document like this forces you to think outside the box.”

Though providing information is crucial, responding to what customers want is even more powerful — often leading to unexpected yet unforgettable results. “We started offering a trike because our community was asking for it,” Black says. “I thought it was going to be for the seniors. But now I’m finding parents bringing in kids who can’t ride regular bikes. A little boy with cerebral palsy was able to ride our trike, and I never saw a kid grin that big.”

We’re constantly thinking about things from the perspective of the customer.
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Additionally, Pedego Electric Bikes Greater Long Beach goes out into the community and builds relationships — starting with the local visitor and convention bureau and chamber of commerce — and the business partners they find are then shared with customers as a way to offer more than just a bike ride.

“The trick is to look outside of your industry,” Black says. “We’re not just going to partner with other bike shops or accessories vendors. We partner with restaurants, hotels, museums, galleries, farmers markets and other fun places because people on electric bikes can go farther to reach the best destinations.”

Pedego Electric Bikes Greater Long Beach has built a community of happy customers by putting them first. And everything else in the business just seems to fall in place. “What we’ve been doing is showing that we’re affordable, we’re superior in customer service and we give people more than they expect,” Black says. “Including a test ride helps reinforce that this is healthy and a fun activity they can share.”