Promoting Cyber-Resiliency through Situational Awareness and Outreach Programs

Richard Harman, CISM CRFS
Manager, Time Warner Cable Security Operations

October 2015


With cyber-security more and more in the news, organizations are increasingly concerned about their ability to protect data and assets as well as stay online.

Unfortunately, many Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) customers have vulnerabilities within their networks that can be exploited by cyber-criminals. The result? A crippling service interruption or a serious data breach, both of which may seriously impact a company’s ability to continue operating.

When a TWCBC customer reports an ongoing security event, TWC Security Operations and the Enterprise Risk Operations Center take immediate ownership of the situation. Their expertise, guidance and education help the customer respond to and mitigate the impact of the breach and, critically, recover as quickly as possible.

Recently one of our customers, a large school district, reported a complete loss of service that impacted its infrastructure and ability to maintain critical communications. TWC Security identified the cause of the security breach by analyzing log files and pinpointing vulnerabilities in the network configuration. Once the school district understood the risks and technical steps to take, it was empowered to control Internet traffic accessing and exiting the network. Not only did this mitigate the impact of the attack, but equally importantly, it provided the information and expertise the district needed to deploy and maintain a more robust security architecture and platform and reduce future risk.

This was hardly an isolated case. Because customer security is one of our primary concerns, TWC Security doesn’t just provide incident response assistance but also situational awareness, expertise and outreach programs. Once our customers understand the network risks and threats they may encounter, they increase their resiliency and ability to identify these security vulnerabilities. They also have the necessary information and support to improve and update the security of their networks and platforms by closing the holes that provide an opening for cyber-criminals.

Richard has worked for TWC for more than 15 years in the area of customer-facing high-speed data security and risk management. Responsible for researching and prioritizing TWC’s response to the risks and threats of botnets and security vulnerabilities, he works with internal groups and external sources of data to design, execute and manage campaigns to reduce risk to both customers and the TWC network and brand.