Run a Global Business by Yourself

To Find Customers Anywhere In The World, All You Need Is A Computer, A Phone And A Passion For What You Do 

July 2014

What began as Dana Reynolds’ hobby in 1990 has grown into Master Cut Gems, a successful business with an expanding base of international clientele.

The Company Story

Master Cut Gems sources natural gemstones from a variety of countries and cuts or recuts the rare and unusual stones into the shapes that best display their brilliance. Reynolds then sells the cut stones to jewelry designers and gem enthusiasts through his virtual storefront.

While selling precious gems on an e-commerce website may seem to be a unique business model, what really distinguishes this business are the price points. Reynolds is able to sell his stones at near-wholesale prices by keeping overhead low.

The growing company, based in Madison, N.C., is primarily a one-man operation. Reynolds manages everything from sourcing to cutting and inspecting gems to shipping them to his customers worldwide, including Australia, Great Britain, France and Germany.

How Technology Helped

Master Cut Gems saves money and streamlines operations with a business bundle from Time Warner Cable Business Class, featuring Business Phone, Business Internet and Television Solutions.

This reliable phone service and Internet connectivity means Master Cut Gems is accessible 24/7. So, whether it’s business hours in Japan or in Bolivia, Master Cut Gems is open for business. He can transact deals in Africa and Europe within an hour and without racking up unnecessary travel expenses. Technology has played a key role in providing Reynolds with access to the global gem market while reducing the cost of connecting directly with suppliers and customers all over the world.

In addition to accessibility, Reynolds has an Internet service that’s fast enough to process orders and allow him to communicate in real-time.

A Measure of Success

Reynolds has turned his home office into an international storefront. Conducting business would be “impossible,” Reynolds says, if not for the technology. Bundling his communications saves money and gives him the ease of one monthly bill from one company.

Most important, the reliable Internet access and affordable phone service help Reynolds run his business effectively, leaving him plenty of time to devote to the passion that launched this business collecting and cutting rare gems.

Company: Master Cut Gems
Founded: 1990
Owner: Dana Reynolds
Industry: Precious gems
Location: Madison, N.C.
TWCBC Customer: Since 2002




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