Should You Offer WiFi to Your Customers?

December 2013

In today’s economy, small businesses may need to go the extra mile to compete. Consumers are more technology-savvy now and expect amenities such as WiFi. Given a choice, Cisco reports that over half of WiFi-enabled device users prefer to connect through WiFi, and a remarkable 70% of smartphone owners use public hotspots.

Offering customer WiFi in your establishment gives you an opportunity to attract and retain new customers by enabling them to stay connected and offset their cellular data costs. Since, according to another report from Cisco, one third of mobile users take advantage of a public hotspot at least weekly, this can set your small business apart from competitors that do not offer WiFi service.

1. Select a WiFi Hotspot Provider That Has a Vast Coverage Area

People are creatures of habit, so you want to be part of a common, recognizable network footprint where your customers will feel comfortable and secure while connecting to the Internet.

Choosing a well-known, trusted provider can help ensure your customers keep coming back. For example, Time Warner Cable (TWC), which received the Most Innovative Carrier WiFi Deployment award from Light Reading earlier this year for their launch of WiFi in NYC, is part of the nation’s largest WiFi network and offers High-Speed Internet customers access to over 200,000 hotspots throughout the country.


2. Understand Your Provider’s Connectivity Limits

Before offering WiFi to your customers, check with your Internet service provider to make sure your service agreement allows you to offer connectivity to multiple people.

Also, find out how many users you can support simultaneously, the speed of the WiFi that will be delivered and whether you will pay extra for large data transfers.

Lastly, to help keep your costs down, ask whether the service provider charges for the installation, equipment and support of the WiFi hotspot.

TWC does not limit the number of simultaneous users on your guest WiFi or charge for large data transfers, and provides the TWC WiFi Hotspot installation, equipment, support and even Marketing materials to TWCBC High Speed Internet customers for free.


3. Ensure Your Company’s Network Is Separate from Your Guest WiFi

Safeguard your business Internet connection by creating a separate guest WiFi network that provides customers with access to the Internet through a router that is not connected directly to your company’s data.

And, select a provider that will deliver a safe, secure and fast Internet connection for your company network.This will give you peace of mind knowing that your company network is strictly for you and your employees.

TWC will provision two separate Internet connections. One wired connection for your business and a second WiFi connection for your customers. If you desire a wireless connection strictly for your business transactions, TWC can provide that solution as well.


4. Select a Provider That Allows You to Advertise Your Business on Its Network

Many WiFi hotspot service providers leverage the WiFi Sign-In screen for their own use, promoting their company.

Another advantage of choosing TWC WiFi™ Hotspot is that your business can customize the customer WiFi Sign-In experience. In fact, TWC encourages businesses to add their logo, a marketing message and even a landing page for customers to go to after they sign in. In addition, businesses with TWC WiFi become part of the nationwide network and are automatically listed on TWC and partner WiFi coverage maps and apps – free advertising to millions of consumers!


How Can Time Warner Cable Business Class Help?

TWC WiFi™ Hotspot: A TWC WiFi™ Hotspot allows you to offer customizable WiFi to your patrons that is fully supported by Time Warner Cable. Offering fast, reliable wireless Internet at your place of business helps attract customers and keep them connected while they do business with you. Available to Business Class High Speed Internet customers in qualifying areas for free, this customer-facing WiFi makes your business part of the growing TWC WiFi network used by millions of consumers nationwide.

Some additional benefits of TWC WiFi™ Hotspot are:

  • WiFi Hotspot equipment, installation, support and marketing materials provided free of charge to TWCBC High Speed Internet customers

  • Free business listing on TWC WiFi and partner WiFi coverage maps and apps.

  • Customizable WiFi sign-in experience with your logo, customer message, website landing page and more.

  • Free access for yourself at over 200,000 hotspots nationwide with your TWCBC Internet service