A Culture of Creativity Fosters Business Success

From ideas to execution, SPARK Publications’ employee imagination shines.

August 2015

At SPARK Publications in Charlotte, N.C., creativity is both a guiding principle and a business driver. Creativity spurs the work at this design firm, and in turn, the work fuels more creativity—an inspiring formula for business success.

A big part of the creative process at SPARK Publications involves collaboration. “When we have a challenge that needs a great solution, we work collaboratively so everybody can lend their expertise,” owner Fabi Preslar says. “We really listen to the client’s vision and turn it into more than they could have ever imagined—through inspiration and a whole lot of technical savvy.

That focus on collaboration means that SPARK employees truly function as a team. They even have the nickname Sparklers. “We’re a very energetic group of people,” Preslar says.

And the “Sparklers” showcase that energy and creativity on social media. SPARK Publications uses its social media channels to give customers and potential customers a glimpse of its business culture.

“We’ve landed work by sharing our culture on social media,” Preslar says. “Customers want to work with a company that they can relate to.”

SPARK’s personality and the relationships it builds with customers help bring in new business. “We’ve been in business for 17 years, and a majority of our new business has been referrals,” Preslar says. “These referrals come from happy clients who share our beautiful work—resulting in more clients.”