Tacos, With a Side of Social Media Savvy

With tasty meals and tailored messages, So-Cal Tacos has found a recipe for success

April 2016

 In Grapevine, Texas, where Tex-Mex has long reigned over the taco scene, Scott Wooley has grown his California-influenced So-Cal Tacos from a food truck to a full-on restaurant—all while practically forgoing traditional advertising.

“Social media has been absolutely paramount to our business,” Wooley says. “We grew our company through social media alone. To date, we have spent very few dollars on advertising.”

 So-Cal Tacos’ social media efforts have been so successful because Wooley has made it a point to understand how his audiences differ based on each platform. He connects with people by tailoring social messages accordingly.

“We have different folks who are using Twitter compared to Instagram compared to Facebook,” Wooley says. “You have to have the right material for the right audience, and knowing who that audience is allows you to post the right material on the correct channel.”

 What types of posts resonate on each platform?

“Our family pictures and family events are more appropriate for Facebook,” Wooley says. “Our more edgy or alternative-type posts would be more appropriate for Instagram. And, the real quick ‘information-now’ posts are more appropriate for Twitter.”

Additionally, So-Cal Tacos uses social media to promote special events, showcase menu items, advertise available space, and anything else that “separates us from the other taco players,” Wooley says.

Wooley has shared some advice with fellow small business owners seeking to use social media to drive growth: “One, you can’t get too emotionally attached to the feedback that comes along. A lot of it is good, some of it is not so good, so you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad,” he says.

And two? “Be consistent with your channels. Make sure your messages and your photos are consistent to the audience on that social media channel.”

His technique has definitely paid off: “I don’t think I’ve ever invited folks to like us on one or any of the other social channels,” Wooley says. “It’s been 100% organic.”

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