Patient Care Gets a Boost from Internet Technology

ABC Pediatrics Increases Efficiency While Reducing Paper Use

November 2014

In the modern doctor’s office, going paperless means going beyond earth-conscious to actually improving patient care. Electronic medical records and online prescriptions have made Internet service as vital to a modern medical office as tongue depressors.

According to Dr. Suzanne Davis, pediatrician and owner of ABC Pediatrics in McKinney, Texas, nearly every member of her staff utilizes technology to improve patient care. At the front desk, staff members can get online and verify insurance, address insurance issues, or immediately get answers to coverage questions.

With the use of electronic medical records rapidly replacing manila folders, the doctors at ABC Pediatrics can quickly view a patient’s medical history using a mobile device and WiFi Internet access. And when explaining a medical condition to a parent of a patient, they can use that same device to look up images and explanations online.

Going paperless has also meant more efficiency and accuracy with prescriptions. “ABC Pediatrics sends nearly all of our prescriptions directly to pharmacies online,” says Davis. "We send the prescriptions straight to the pharmacy as we’re talking to the patients and parents. They appreciate this greatly because they don’t have to drop off their prescriptions and go back to pick up the medication. It is also wonderful because the pharmacist can always read the prescription because it is typed. We never get calls from the pharmacy saying, ‘I can’t read this.’”

Reliable Internet service has allowed paperless practices in this pediatric office to go hand-in-hand with improved patient care.


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