Technology@Work: Hitting the Deadline

An entrepreneurial couple finds the key to better productivity is faster Internet speeds 

January 2015

When former realtors Christina and Tomas Martinez opened Luxury Home Magazine® in San Antonio, Texas, they quickly learned one thing: in the deadline-driven publishing industry, time is money.

“For our small business, productivity is huge; it’s make or break for us,” said Christina.

Technology should help businesses work more efficiently and not slow them down. As magazine publishers, the Martinezes routinely send digital files to the printer. To keep the magazine looking top quality, it is necessary to use large image and design files to create the page layouts. But the Martinezes quickly discovered that they needed fast, reliable Internet service to ensure these large files were getting to the printer on time. They would find themselves stuck in their office until 2 a.m. trying to upload the pages for their printer to access and download.

Christina and Tomas decided to switch carriers and increase their Internet speed. Today, after uploading files to the printer, the couple is out of the office at 5:30 p.m.

In addition to improving the workflow with the printer, faster Internet speeds help Luxury Home Magazine® provide better customer service. Thanks to faster upload and download speeds, the Martinezes are able to download photos sent in by clients and photographers, as well as create ads and send them back to the clients quickly.

For more about how Luxury Home Magazine® is leveraging technology to improve productivity, read the case study.





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