Incorporating Technology into Tradition

Fish, Hushpuppies, And Technology Became A Recipe For Success For One North Carolina Business

September 2014


Rocky River Springs Fish House has been a local destination in Aquadale, North Carolina, since 1968 when Stan Efird’s parents and grandparents opened its doors. Efird is now co-owner of the business, with family members still making up some two-thirds of the staff.


Traditionally, diners have flocked to this spot off the beaten path for their hushpuppies, seafood, coleslaw, and sweet tea. But when Efird left a career as an IT executive to join his family’s business in 2005, he recognized an opportunity to bring in more modern technology, without sacrificing the family vibe patrons have come to love.


While treating customers like friends is part of Rocky River Springs Fish House’s success, they were hitting a service snag when it came time to pay. The restaurant was having trouble with their credit card processing. Their old internet connection would often go down and patrons would have to drive nearly 10 miles to the nearest ATM machine for cash. By upgrading their service to Time Warner Cable Business Class High Speed Internet, they have been able to make paying more convenient for customers. 


There’s not a lot of drive-by traffic in Aquadale, so emphasizing great customer service, along with delicious food, is critical to getting people to make the trip out to Rocky River Springs Fish House.


While the family’s recipes get people in the door, technology is helping keep them there and getting them to come back often. Efird began offering customers WiFi connectivity, so they could work or play while waiting for their meals. He has seen more people coming in more often and using the Internet service.


“Who would have ever thought that tablets, fish, and hushpuppies would all go together?” says Efird. “But here in Aquadale, North Carolina, they do.”


Company: Rocky River Springs Fish House

Location: Aquadale, North Carolina

Founded: 1968

Owner: The Efird family

Industry: Restaurant


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