Tools for Staying Efficient on Social Media

Think you don’t have time to keep up with social media for your business? These tools will have you thinking again.

January 2015

When implementing a social media strategy to promote your business, you can spend hours replying to requests and messages, liking and sharing links from other people in your networks, and typing up clever posts about your own business. The task of creating or hunting down relevant, informative, and entertaining content to post in order to engage your business’s audience can feel like a part-time job all on its own.

But, there are tools that can help with all of these important tasks.

Plan Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is a powerful tool for not only engaging your target customers on the platform, but also for driving traffic back to your website. As of June 2014, Facebook drove 23.39 percent of Internet traffic. With this type of influence, can you afford not to spend the time on Facebook?

Sara Piccola, of ShortStack, a Reno, Nevada–based digital marketing platform provider, uses Post Planner to help keep her small business’s 75,000 Facebook followers engaged. Post Planner is a Facebook scheduling tool that allows users to upload posts in bulk and then schedule them for publication. It also allows users to link their Facebook pages to their blogs so an automatic update is posted every time a blog entry is published. Post Planner generates status update ideas, suggests photos, and even shows users trending content to help them chose hot topics for posting. “Post Planner has also compiled a generous list of popular Facebook pages into folders that users can scan for viral photos and content,” says Piccola. “Using Post Planner I spend about 15 minutes in the morning scheduling my posts for the day and then I'm done.”

Post Planner offers packages that range from $29.99 per month for basic service up to $99 per month for all the available features.

Tweet at the Right Time

If Twitter were a country, it would have the fourth largest population in the world. With so many people chatting away, Twitter can be a noisy and confusing platform. Posting a Tweet can be like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea. Will anyone read it? Will the right person receive it? Will your message evoke action? Why take the chance of wasting a perfectly good Tweet? Try SocialBro.

By using SocialBro, users can see which followers are online, monitor a specific group of users by using a Twitter list, and monitor search terms, all in real time. With all this data, SocialBro can determine when most of your followers are online to see your Tweets. You can then use a general social media scheduling tool, like Buffer, to schedule your Tweets when they are most likely to be read by the right people.

Keep Track of Your LinkedIn Contacts

The concept behind FiveHundredPlus can be described as a customer relationship management (CRM) system for LinkedIn. This tool reminds users to touch base with specific contacts and helps users keep track of when they got in touch with someone and what they said.

Create or Curate the Content

Once you are able to efficiently schedule posts to your social media platform, you are now faced with the question of how to efficiently and consistently find relevant content to post.

Constance Aguilar of the Reno, Nevada–based Abbi Agency, says Feedly, a news aggregator app, saves her hours upon hours of time when she’s looking to find quality content she can repurpose on her business social networks. Feedly provides customized newsfeeds based on topics important to you and your customers.

Considering that images get 84 percent more click-throughs on links than text-based posts, Reuben Yonatan, founder and CEO of GetVoIP, uses Share As Image to turn his micro-content, or messages that can be digested in about 10 seconds, into more sharable images. For $8 per month, you can access tools to make quotes, marketing promotions, or even links to your blog posts more eye-catching.

Find the Time in Your Day

Once you find the tools that work best for your business, reserving short bursts of time to work with these tools will help you spend your social media time wisely. ShortStack has published sample schedules for keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in less than 15 minutes per day.





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