Time Warner Cable Business Class Makes Patient Care 
as Easy as ‘1, 2, 3’ at ABC Pediatrics

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At ABC Pediatrics in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Suzanne Davis’ top priority is quality patient care. Davis and the team of medical staff see 50 to 100 patients at the practice each day, in addition to the dozens of other patients they check in with by phone at all hours.

“We take care of people, and we really care about our patients. I like to see them happy,” says Davis. “We give them the best service they can have while caring for their health.”

To ensure her patients were getting the best care, Davis realized she needed the right technology to keep pace with their transition to electronic medical records and a rapidly growing patient base – all at an affordable cost to their expanding business.

“We were not very pleased with our other provider in that they were actually quite expensive. So we switched to Time Warner Cable Business Class. We had faster service for less money, which is amazing.”








The days of paper files and patient records are long gone, says Davis, who depends on her 50 Mbps Business Internet to access electronic medical records and patient files. ABC Pediatrics also offers patients extra convenience by sending their prescriptions straight to pharmacies online.

“We don’t need to spend lots of time on the Internet when we’re taking care of a patient. It has allowed us to take care of patients more efficiently and more effectively – that is a big deal.”

Business Phone service is also a priority at ABC Pediatrics. Davis and staff use eight phone lines to connect with patients, healthcare professionals and insurers, and rely on call forwarding and Voicemail to stay connected.

“We have to talk to patients. We may have to call a hospital. We may have to call an ambulance. We need to have reliable phone service.”



Their Business Internet service has never gone down, says Davis, which allows them to provide the best care for their patients and stay competitive with other pediatric practices. In addition to reliability, Time Warner Cable Business Class offers ABC Pediatrics faster Internet speeds that are easily scalable to fit the growing practice.

“ABC Pediatrics will be staying with Time Warner Cable Business Class in the future,” Davis says. “We need the dependability. We need the reliability. We need the speed.”


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