Without Cutting Into B&B’s Internet Bandwidth, SIP Trunk Service Cuts Phone Costs and Adds Features

March 2015 





An electrical contractor since 1957, B&B Electric recently restructured to focus on a small niche market for utility and power line work. With 90% of sales and service calls now taking place via cell phones, volume on the PRI circuit dropped dramatically.

SIP Trunking Service—a scalable and cost-effective alternative

B&B considered the less expensive VoIP services suggested by smaller telecom vendors, but TWCBC offered SIP Trunking Service—a solution that cut costs without cutting features or sacrificing B&B’s 35 x 5 Internet bandwidth. Today, B&B’s SIP Trunk Service uses dedicated bandwidth on TWCBC’s fiber-rich IP network so voice traffic no longer competes with its data service. B&B was able to maintain existing DIDs and add features like individual faxing, alternate routing, and trunk overflow all under a competitive Service Level Agreement—and all at dramatic savings.

Can insights from B&B’s partnership with TWCBC enhance your own success?

B&B Electric is a TWCBC customer since 2008.

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