Keeping Patients and Families Connected

Time Warner Cable Businss Class Delivers Intelligent Connections to Cinicinnati Children's Hospital

February 2014 | Cincinnati, OH


Tina Carkido, an Ohio high school senior, has cystic fibrosis. She spends an average of 50 days per school year in the hospital and until recently had the added stress of having to catch up on school work when she returned.

That is until Cincinnati Children’s Hospital teamed with Time Warner Cable Business Class to bring broadband Internet connections to all of the 480 patient rooms as well as the common areas like lobbies and the cafeteria. Now Tina stays involved with her teachers, her classmates and her assignments on a regular basis.



Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is renowned for its progressive and effective healthcare treatment of infants, children and adolescents. It is the only pediatric organization in the United States to receive the prestigious Pursuing Perfection grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. And, according to James A. Anderson, president and CEO at Cincinnati Children’s, “Pursuing perfection to us is also about making our patients and their families’ lives as comfortable and ‘normal’ as possible during their stay with us.”








Time Warner Cable Business Class designed a solution, based on the Hospitality Solution, for Cincinnati Children’s that involved creativity and innovation. They installed a custom package that enabled connections to the Internet of speeds up to 1.5Mbps both downstream and upstream. The process of getting online is effortless. The equipment used senses how the user’s computer was last connected to the Internet and will automatically configure itself to match the computer’s network settings – users don’t have to change a thing. It’s very convenient for them. In the likely event a user encounters an issue, 24/7 Time Warner Cable Business Class phone support is available.

“We are proud of the work we’ve done, utilizing Time Warner Cable Business Class solutions with the Hospital,” says Rick Human, vice president of Time Warner Cable Business Services - Cincinnati. “We work with over 4,000 businesses to help them speed up communications and enhance their bottom line results, but this job was special to us because it’s giving these young patients a way to stay connected.”


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