Time Warner Cable Business Class and Cincinnati: A Model for Municipal WiFi Services

Providing WiFi to the City of Cincinnati Using Time Warner Cable Business Class and Clever Innovation

February, 2013 | Cincinnati, OH


The race is on in cities across America. Providing citizens with free, wireless Internet access has become a top agenda item for municipalities from San Francisco to Philadelphia. Controversy has been at the heart of many of these deals with cable and telecom providers often being locked out, taxpayer money being used for services and uncertainty about who holds the rights to provide Internet access. The city of Cincinnati took a different approach.



Lily Pad is a partnership between the City of Cincinnati, Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC ) and a non-profit organization with the same name as the service. This relationship provides a unique solution that other states and regions can model in bringing wireless connections (WiFi) to the masses.

Lily Pad hopes to provide Cincinnatians with technology services that will help promote economic growth and increase community development. Lily Pad will also foster a vibrant community and enhance the quality of life in the region, while allowing access to data anytime, anywhere.

TWCBC and Lily Pad are driving this initiative, in close collaboration with the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce. Unlike other wireless solutions, regional volunteers developed this program with a clear understanding of the community benefits.

“The goal of the program is to leverage public and private sponsorships to provide free Internet access to the citizens of Cincinnati. We are very excited to have Time Warner Cable as a partner in this project, because this is one of the very few wireless initiatives in the nation that does not rely on government funding or advertising sales,” said Ryan Rybolt of Lily Pad.







The Solution

The Cincinnati program represents a completely new business model, utilizing a non-profit entity to identify and manage corporate and individual sponsorships. It is truly free WiFi, with no monthly fees to users, no banner ads and no usage tracking – bringing free wireless Internet access to public areas and business districts throughout the Cincinnati region.

Lily Pad is able to offer free access through its partnership with Time Warner Cable Business Class. TWCBC provides installation and technical support for the hot spot sites, enabling citizens to quickly and easily access the Internet. Lily Pad identifies the potential locations and enlists business sponsors to fund the service.



In Cincinnati, there are five Lily Pads with 20 active hot spots and 50 more spots in the pipeline. The free network is available in various city locations to all individuals with a wireless card in his or her laptop computer or hand-held device. Accessing the Internet is easy and fast – without the need for a user name and password.

In May, 2006 Lily Pad and TWCBC launched the nation’s first interstate WiFi hotspot. The entire riverfront area is connected – linking three cities (Cincinnati, OH , and Covington, KY and Newport, KY) in two states.

Other recent hot spots include the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Museum Center, Fountain Square and the Tri-County Mall Food Court. Additionally, Lily Pad has formalized an agreement with the Cincinnati Park Board to install Lily Pads in multiple city parks throughout the region.


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